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What TV Show You Should Watch Based on Your Favourite Artist

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Everyone loves a good TV show recommendation, so I picked out five really popular artists and five shows that I’ve seen that I would personally recommend to you if you like those artists!

Lana Del Rey — White Lotus

I’m still watching season two, but season one is so much fun! The whole show feels like a big character study that slowly burns at the beginning but quickly picks up the pace. You get to watch the whole story unravel with beautiful character writing and great stories. The settings are also fantastic. If you like Lana Del Rey, then you can definitely enjoy a deep character story. Lana’s music talks about many different things (scandals, love, loss, and deep feelings) and there are similar themes in the TV show as well. White Lotus is a great show and highly recommended for any Lana fan!

Taylor Swift Gilmore Girls

Taylor Swift has a huge discography, spanning from when she was very young until now—much like how the story follows Rory and Lorelai’s lives in Gilmore Girls. Taylor Swift sings about love, loss, feeling out of place, feeling like she tries too hard, loving too hard, and so many more emotions and experiences. If you love Taylor Swift, you will definitely love Gilmore Girls, and you’ll appreciate the long-running storylines and life experiences discussed along the way.

Tyler, The Creator The Boys

I don’t mean to pair the only male artist on this list with a show called The Boys, but if you know anything about either of these media pieces, you know what I’m talking about. The Boys is a fantastic show about superheroes—it’s gritty and gory, and fast-paced and crazy! Tyler’s music is so fun and also tells a great story, if you listen carefully. Tyler is a fantastic artist that can really transform a piece and have a new take on old tropes in his music. The Boys does the same thing. I highly recommend the show, especially if you like societal critiques.

Phoebe Bridgers The Last of Us

Phoebe Bridgers sings about love and loss, which is exactly what The Last of Us also explores. The Last of Us is being aired right now, and it’s gained quite a following for a good reason. Beautifully written and acted, The Last of Us deserves all the praise and more. Phoebe Bridgers’ albums Stranger in the Alps and Punisher both explore themes of growing old, falling in and out of love, being hurt, and normal, raw, human experiences. Although a show about zombies, The Last of Us is a gritty character exploration and driven story that helps the audience live through the lives of the characters. I highly recommend The Last of Us!

Billie Eilish Grand Army

Unfortunately, Grand Army has been cancelled for no good reason! The one season we have is absolutely amazing, and I recommend it to everyone. Billie sings about being a teenager and experiencing many different complex emotions at the same time. Dealing with childhood problems growing up, and dealing with life are themes explored in both Grand Army and Billie’s music. If you liked Billie’s first album, you’ll love Grand Army!

Overall, all of these TV shows are great and are recommended to all. But, specifically, the shows are recommended if you like the associated artist. Happy watching!

Avalyn Kwai Pun

U Ottawa '26

Avalyn is a first year joint honours Political Science and Feminist and Gender Studies student. She's passionate about social change and feminism, and has hopes to become a lawyer in the future. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, music, and writing!