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What it’s like living with boys the week of your period

Living with the guys is usually tons of fun, except for that one week of the month, where instead of wanting to bro out over mini basketball and the hockey game, your household dynamics change a bit…

Usually everything is great and wonderful and you love them.

But when Mother Nature shows up, the boys better brace themselves.

You become a new person, who is very angry at them and also eating all of their food.

Everything they say seems to set you off.

They may ask for an explanation, but if they know better they won’t.

All of a sudden you’re attracted to every one of their friends who comes over, even the one with the gross boy-stash.

You’re a bit more emotional when watching TV than usual. Scratch that, a bit more emotional over everything.

And when you reach the emotional break, but you also need a bear huge, they are ready with open arms.

Instead of laughing when they poke fun of your outfit, you’re more like…

But when they order pizza every night of that week, instead of judging, you’re more than happy to join in.

They just don’t seem to understand why you are all of a sudden taking so many pain killers.

They won’t question why you haven’t gotten off the couch in 12 hours.

Though they may abandon you when you start doing this

They may ask what all the “tampons” in the bathroom are for, and you may save them the gory details.

But if they are smart boys, they will let you ride out the wave of the week in peace.

Then all of a sudden its all over.

And you all safely revert back to normalcy, and pretend like it never happened.

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