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What does it take to be a VSCO Girl?

2019 has been the year of pretty interesting and bizarre trends. Between the water bottle flipping, trying not to laugh videos and 100 layers of whatever; one of the most interesting trends that arose this year is the trend of being a VSCO girl. The first time I was introduced to a VSCO girl was a Tik Tok video that my sister was showing me. Ever since, I’ve been seeing VSCO girls all over the place. What I didn’t know was that VSCO, the photo editing app inspired many teenage girls to make themselves distinctly known the rest of society. 

So, I’ve finally sat down and tried to understand what VSCO girls are and what it takes to be a VSCO girl. I’ve compiled a list of the most notable items you must have when you want to become a VSCO girl. 

Puka Shell Necklaces

This one seemed interesting because for as long as I’ve remembered, there was always someone rocking a cute shell necklace throughout all my years in school. And yet this is an essential accessory for a VSCO girl to have on her person. The cute white shell necklaces are an absolutely adorable accessory for every outfit, VSCO girl or not. Puka shell necklaces can be found just about anywhere, including places like Garage, and Ardene.


And we’re going to throw it back to the 80s, when scrunchies were the rage of the town. Since the 80s scrunchies pretty much went out of style and no one was ever really seen wearing them after the early 2000s. But yet, in 2019 scrunchies are back in full swing. To be a VSCO girl, you need to have at least one scrunchie as a wrist accessory and one holding up the cute messy bun we’ll talk about later on. I’m not sure what the scrunchie does for the outfit, however from experience, they’re the best things to tie up your hair with!

Oversized T-Shirts

The oversized t-shirts thing is a pretty interesting one. Most VSCO girls will get extra-large t-shirts just to wear them over their shorts. I happen to love wearing baggy t-shirts when I feel like rocking a day at home in comfort, but the VSCO girls are taking comfort and wearing it every day because why not? VSCO girls are taking comfort to another level and I’m here for it!


We can’t forget one of the most important parts of an outfit, the shoes! And VSCO girls have it covered for us, Birkenstocks. The comfy yet orthopedic shoes and sandals are cute and fun to wear all year round. VSCO girls love their Birkenstocks and there are so many cute Instagram snaps of decorated Birkenstocks that make the sandals absolutely adorable! Definitely worth giving a try!

Messy Buns 

People have been rocking messy buns for a long time, especially when your hair is greasy and all you want to do is put it up and out of your face. So, you resort to a messy bun, that’s cute yet comfortable enough that it doesn’t pull on hair too much. Most VSCO girls will be rocking the messy bun any day of the week, complementing the rest of their outfit. Most likely using one of their many scrunchies to keep their hair out of their faces. 

Hydro Flasks

As part of the VSCO girl’s outfit a Hydro Flask is absolutely necessary to complete the look. And if you go to any store these days, Hydro Flasks or similar versions of the water bottle line shelves for people to buy. The VSCO girls pride themselves on spreading the message of saving the turtles, using metal straws and Hydro Flasks to lower their plastic consumption. The Hydro Flasks come in loads of fun colours and can be decorated with stickers, paint and anything else you could possibly think of!


Okay this is a weird one, the VSCO girls have famously grown to be known for their very distinct catchphrases. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t even know what their catchphrases mean or how they actually came to be. All I know is if you hear “And I oop- SKSKSKSKSKSk”, there’s likely a VSCO girl around you. 

So now you know a little bit about the girls that have labelled themselves as VSCO girls. What they wear, what they say and what they are all about. You’re ready to be a VSCO girl if you’re feeling the laid back yet super cute look! Don’t get me wrong, I might not call myself a VSCO girl, but those girls know what they’re doing! Messy buns and over-sized t-shirts are totally the way to go! 


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