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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Nothing is worse then buying a paycheck’s worth of makeup, getting home, and realizing you don’t like what you bought. Maybe you got a foundation that you now realize is orange. Maybe you were really feeling that purple lipstick in the store, but at home you know you’d never wear it. Nevertheless, I am here to give you some solutions to get rid of your unwanted makeup (so that you can buy more makeup)!

1. Sell it
One of the worst things about buying makeup and then not wanting it is the feeling that you wasted money. Luckily, there are a lot of resources that are now available for you to sell unwanted makeup!

a. Facebook Groups
There is a University of Ottawa Facebook group to buy and sell clothing and cosmetics. The great thing about this group is that you can meet the person on campus and negotiate a fair price. There are also other groups that include more people covering more locations. Just search your group’s settings on Facebook and numerous Buy-and-Sell groups should come up!

b. Online websites and apps
A more convenient way to sell makeup online is through websites and apps! Just upload a photo and preferred price and watch your offers pour in! These options are also a great way to find the makeup you want at a lower price! Try these websites:

2. Donate it
A great way to get rid of unwanted makeup and give back is to donate it. There are many organizations in Ottawa and across Canada that will accept new or gently used cosmetics. Here are a few organizations to check out:

3. Give it to a friend or family member
Even though you don’t love your makeup, I’m sure your friends and family will! Send your cosmetics to a better home where they’ll get some love. The great thing about your friends and family is that you all have different tastes, so what you might not like, they might love!

4. Save them to create your own custom makeup
If you have a foundation that is too light or too dark, try adding it to other foundations to make the perfect shade! Also, try mixing lipsticks or eye shadows together to make them more wearable or more  the shade you were looking for!

5. Return Policies
A lot of stores have great return policies for unopened cosmetics. Nyx at the Rideau Centre will let you return unopened cosmetics. Mac and Sephora both let you return any kind of makeup, even if it’s used. Return policies are a great thing to take advantage of if you’re not sure about a purchase.


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