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UO App: Keeping Warm During the Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.


The University of Ottawa’s guide to … keeping warm the winter

As we approach the coldest weeks of the year with temperatures dropping close to -40° you may be wondering how on earth will I keep warm this winter? Well do not worry there are some simply and easy precautions to take to ensure warmth through these gruesome weather conditions.

What to wear: The first step to avoid the unbearable cold is to dress according to weather conditions. As many of you may have smart phones, there are several weather apps that you can download to inform you on the weather conditions. For those of you who have not joined the smart phone world, you should check the forecast on the internet or even more conventional… the newspaper. Being fashionable through these winter months is not impossible! Although chiffon skull blouses are in, they are not the most insulated article of clothing to be wearing this winter. The key for dressing is layering and wool. If you do not want to splurge on new sweaters there are several thrift stores in the Ottawa area that have adorable wool sweaters that will get the trick done.  Finally one of the most important things to remember is to keep your extremities warm. If your hands and feet are happy you will be happy, invest in those insulated and waterproof boots this winter. Scarves, gloves and hats are always trendy and can add that extra something to your look.

Where to be: When walking through campus there are several different ways to remain warm. Most of the buildings on campus are interconnected as well we have our very own tunnel on campus! You can find all the secrets to keeping warm in Megan Drake’s UO App: Tunnels of Campus. The gym is a great place to be during these frigid temperatures as well. While getting warm you are getting a work out! To finish off your workout there are saunas to get you even warmer. Working out goes hand in hand with eating healthy. To prevent illness this winter and to keep your body as healthy as possible eating the right food is a great way to stay warm this winter.

What to do:  There are some inexpensive purchases that you can make in order to ensure warmth this winter. Hot water bottles and microwavable beanbags are great at the foot of your bed at night. Hot Paws also has a product called hand warmers, which are just little gel packets that you break open and they become hot, stick those in your gloves, boots and you are set. There are few other simple tips to take into account this winter:

  • After cooking with the oven you can leave the door open once finish, this will emit hot air to help warm up your apartment or house.
  • Keeping your curtains drawn during the day to take advantage of the natural heat the sun produces.
  • Have a hot beverage, drinking coffee, teas and lattes can brighten your mood while keeping you warm.
  • Always moisturize, having lotion on you at all times to take care of those dry hands can create a new sense of warmth as the cold winds on dry hands amplifies the cold sensation.

I hope that some of these tips and tricks help you keep warm during these gelid days to come. Best of luck and keep warm !