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Trying out Huestick By Live Tinted

Recently I was able to get my hands on a Live Tinted huestick in the shade “Found”. If you haven’t heard of Live Tinted, it is a new makeup brand that started out as a safe space for BIPOC a few years ago and has grown into the brand it is today which continues to push diversity with their products. 

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The brand’s founder and current CEO is a South Asian woman named Deepica Mutyala. (Call me biased, but I can’t help but love this brand already and share it when a fellow South Asian is behind it). 

Not only is she a CEO, but she is also a Youtuber who went viral for her makeup hack where she used red lipstick to cover up her hyperpigmentation under her complexion products. There’s nothing wrong with hyperpigmentation, but it’s something many people of colour who wear makeup want to cover up at certain times but did not have many products in the market to help. 

Mutyala fixed this by sharing her lipstick hack and now sells her own hue sticks. Live Tinted huesticks are multipurpose coloured pigment sticks that can be used anywhere on the face as a blush, eyeshadow, lipstick or whatever your creativity desires! Three of their available shades double as colour correctors to correct darkness such as dark circles or other hyperpigmentation. The huesticks are also claimed to be vegan with beneficial ingredients for your skin. 

The shade I bought (found), does not double as a colour corrector, yet it is still versatile. The website describes it as a ”burgundy brick”. My skin tone is medium-dark tan with neutral/gold undertones. Personally, I think the shade looks a bit too orange on my skin tone  for my liking. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of orange on myself I felt great wearing this shade. 

I have tried it on my eyes, nose, lips and cheeks. It has a buildable coverage and blends very easily. I find that patting the product with my fingers on my cheek after a few swipes keeps more pigment on then swiping the product when you only use a little bit (of course the amount you use depends on your preference and what look you are going for. You can also use a brush.) 

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It also blends nicely on my eyes, I swipe the products on my eye lids then blending and swiping with my fingers. I have yet to use this product with a brush. The only thing I have to warn about  when using this on your eyes is to it blend properly. I have an extra fold on my eye crease and put too much product on my crease and forgot to blend it so it looked a bit patchy when I closed my eyes. Though, this can be easily fixed since the product blends smoothly. 

When I put the product on my nose I put it on the sides of the tip of my nose like a slight contour and a bit onto the tip itself. I liked how it looked, I ended up putting a bit too much on for my liking and had to spend some time blending. I also used a tissue to help wipe of the excess product.  

Lastly, my lips. The colour payoff was impressive with only one swipe. However I swiped again for just a bit more colour, and it seemed a bit cakey. This was most likely because my lips were dry, so I recommend keeping them moisturized beforehand. (I did put on some balm and exfoliated my lips the night before, but my lips got drier throughout the day before I used the product, so that’s on me!) 

[bf_image id="q7ivdg-c0hjuw-gf134h"] The huestick itself applied nicely, the shape is pointed like a thick crayon for preciseness and can cover a lot of surface area on your face. 

Longevity wise, if it’s hot outside or know you will sweat then maybe put some more on then desired or use a setting spray. I didn’t do either so it faded when I walked outside in the hot sun because I sweat a lot. It’s a creamy product but it does have a matte ness to it so there is some grip. I would recommend reapplying the product especially after wearing a mask. 

Price-wise, I think it’s a fair price especially if you will use it a lot. In CAD, it was almost $43 after a 10% newsletter sign up discount, $11 shipping with shipping protection, and a pack of stickers (it took around two weeks to come).  

I think there is a decent amount of product, if you are purely using it as a lipstick then you would get a lot of use out of it. It also seems like you would get good use out of it on your entire face before repurchasing.  

Since it’s a multipurpose product you are paying for lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush all in one. From that perspective, I think it’s awesome with the price it’s at and how the formula feels. It's not too creamy or too dry, which helps you get different uses out of it.  

I also LOVE the packaging. It’s a beautiful copper coloured stick with the Live Tinted logo and it looks like décor. You can also feel a weight to it adding to the luxury of the product.  

In conclusion, I think it’s a good product. I didn’t love how I sweated it off, but I'm going to try to take extra steps to help it stay on. I want to try another colour which I’ll like on myself more so I can gain more insight into how I can use it in my routine. I would also love to get one of the colour correcting shades to test out. 

 There’s quite a selection of shades that look good on so many different skin tones that I believe there’s a shade for everyone.  

Live Tinted also recently came out with a unity gloss bomb as well. Their products can be an asset to your makeup routine as well as the main star of the show. 

All in all, I definitely think Live Tinted is a rising brand we should all look out for. They have a growing following and continue to release products relevant to everyone's makeup needs. 

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