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Travelling Solo — What Are You Waiting For?

Travelling has always been a true passion for me. Yet, when the moment came to plan a trip, I would always invite someone to join me so that I wouldn’t be alone with myself. But this summer, my trip to Nicaragua turned out to be very different from what I had expected: after two weeks, I ended up alone in this foreign country and had to choose between going back home three weeks sooner than expected, or continuing the trip without my friend. After spending the best three weeks of my life travelling solo, I’d like to share some pros and cons that might help you for your next adventure!


New Friends on the way

Even though you’re travelling “solo,” you are never really alone. In fact, travelling solo makes you approachable; other travellers are very open-minded and easy to talk to, and if you speak the language of the country, locals will be pleased to share their experience and show you around!

Whenever, wherever

Traveling solo also means you get to do whatever you want whenever you want to, without having to consider anyone else’s needs.You can choose to do things at your own pace, without being stressed out about other people’s expectations. This might sound a bit selfish, but when travelling for a long period of time, you’ll be glad to have this freedom.

“Me and I, hand in hand”

Travelling solo is a great opportunity to spend time taking care of yourself. It is a good scenario for introspection. Over the course of your trip, you are likely to discover parts of yourself you never thought existed. You’ll also gain self-confidence and self-respect as you discover that you’re fully capable of managing your trip all by yourself.

No limits!

Indeed, a solo trip doesn’t come without its stressful situations and doubt. However, if you consider them as opportunities to learn, these challenges will allow you to push your limits even further; believe me, it’s something you will be very proud of!


What’s the plan?

Being autonomous and free is truly a blast, but it also means you have to take care of everything from the planning of the trip to the hotel reservations and the activities. Being the leader takes time and energy, so make sure you start prepping early.

Safety first

Since you don’t have other people to look after you, travelling solo can be a bit more dangerous and overwhelming than travelling in a group. This is why you should always keep your safety in mind and be extra careful with what and who is around you.

Money, money

On one hand, travelling with other people is very convenient when it comes to money because you can get group discounts and split the expenses. On the other hand, as a solo traveller, you might have to pay more for a single room in the hotels, for tours, and sometimes for food. I would recommend that you take this into consideration when setting up your budget and planning activities with the friends you’ll make while travelling.


Even though I loved my solo traveller experience, I can’t deny feeling a bit lonely at certain points. Indeed, there are times you wish someone you love were there with you to take a picture, to share thoughts on a breathtaking view, or simply to eat a good meal with you. Loneliness is part of the experience, but it is the way you deal with it that makes the trip even more beautiful.

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