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Wearing a mask can—sometimes—be quite a style-bummer. Although some might say the eyes are what to be valued in terms of facial expressions and character, our nose and mouth do play a significant role in depicting our face's attributes.

Nonetheless, there's no reason why wearing a mask should prevent one to be glamorously fashionable. Here are five simple tricks to make yourself feel radiant and attractive despite your face mask. 

1. As mentioned above, wearing a face mask highlights your eyes, making them stand out by being one of your only visible traits. Take advantage of this and go all out with all that is mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, you name it. Besides your eyebrows (which you can certainly also make the most of), working on your eyes would really be your best bet in terms of face-mask-makeup. Forget about lipstick. No one will notice anyway!

2. Purchasing or sewing your own mask in a colourful fabric will give you the opportunity to mix-and-match it with pieces in your wardrobe. Simply as you would include a scarf or a hat to your outfit, there's nothing preventing you from matching your mask to your clothes. 

3. Style it! There are countless stunning designs of non-medical masks. Whether it be a lace decorated model or an artistic pattern, wearing a face mask can easily become a fashion statement.

4. In terms of pieces of jewellery, it might be best to avoid massive or voluminous earrings for the time being. They tend to interfere with your mask’s ear straps and may pull on your ear lobe in a way you REALLY wish to avoid. Why not focus on bracelets, necklaces, and rings instead? Those will most certainly embellish your outfit, without causing discomfort. 

5. Confidence! Think about it—everyone currently following public health's guidelines in terms of COVID-19 prevention is wearing one. Wearing a mask does not make you in any way less glamorous. It means you are contributing to slowing the spread of the virus and that is simply a wonderful gesture. 

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Fourth-year journalism student at UOttawa & La Cité, Rebecca is Senior Editor for the HCuO chapter—entering her fourth consecutive year with the team.
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