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Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Residence

The moment you have been dreaming of has finally arrived – you’re going to university. You have been preparing for months for your departure, and you’ll finally be able to leave the nest and spread your wings.  Seeing as it’s your first big trip away from home, you’ll need to pack a lot more than you think. You might think you have everything, but chances are, you will forget some things that you will end up needing! Here are some essentials that you may have not have even thought about:

1)    Earplugs

I am sure you haven’t thought of it, but now as you read it you say to yourself “how could I forget that”. You will definitely need earplugs to sleep or to study peacefully – especially if you end up with a loud roommate or residence floor.

2)    Duct tape

This little item is going to be your lifesaver during your years away from home.  It will fix just about anything and everything. Any engineers around?  

3)    Proper Pyjamas

Perhaps you don’t wear proper pyjamas because you just throw anything you have in your drawers. However, since you don’t live at home anymore, you need at least one good pair of pyjamas. Also, when I say “proper pyjamas” I refer to pyjamas that are decent enough to wear in the presence of your roommate or your guests. Oh, and wearing pyjamas means you have to wear them with slippers!

4)    Bedroom Curtains

It’s the last thing you would think of putting on your list, which is why you forgot to bring some! Hurry up and go purchase some cute curtains or remember to take the ones you have in your room at home. The last thing you want is the sun to disturb you on a Sunday morning (or to flash a neighbour while changing).

5)    Hangers

When we pack to go on vacation, we don’t bring hangers because we just leave our clothes in our suitcase. However, since  your “trip” away from home will be much longer than one week, you must, unfortunately, take your clothes out of your luggage. While you’re at it, you might as well get a hanging shoe rack too.

6)    Sewing Kit

Trust me, you will need this essential item for all the wardrobe malfunctions you will have in the near future… Simple sewing kits that you can get from hotels will do the trick.

Here are some of the items you didn’t know you couldn’t live without to make your residence feel more like home. Is there anything you can think of that we forgot? Feel free to comment below!




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