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This is a PSA to check on all your Swiftie friends because we are not okay right now. Not only did Taylor release the highly anticipated album The Tortured Poets Department but she surprised us with an entire second album, The Anthology. Once again, Taylor Swift left us with a bunch of easter eggs for the second album that us Swifties completely missed making this the best surprise ever.

I predicted the album to be filled with references to her past relationship with her ex of 6 years Joe Alywn and I was correct… partially. This album exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The tracklist has me laughing, smiling and sobbing all at once. Saying my jaw hit the floor is an understatement; I was truly left speechless. In these two albums we get a raw glimpse into the life of Taylor Swift. It felt so real and personal as if we were listening to her diary. I believe this is one of the most if not the most emotional album Swift has released and I am obsessed with every second of it. This album broke my heart and healed me at the same time. The lyrics, production, rawness, and emotion is perfect. She really touches on struggle, heartbreak, and mental health it reminds us of how human she truly is. Taylor truly paints herself in a different light that fans have not seen before which is very refreshing. Taylor has a gift for writing about emotions that I struggle to find the words for.

This album did throw me two huge curveballs that I was absolutely not expecting. I did not even consider the possibility that we would get songs written about her fling with Matty Healy but boy we did. What was even more unexpected was the dig at Kim Kardashian which I am obsessed with. She really captures and expresses her feelings about various relationships in such an authentic and poetic way. I really got the sense that she was speaking her truth and it was coming from the heart. It feels like these songs were written to heal her as opposed to climbing charts.

My top 3 tracks on the album as of now are “Who’s afraid of little old me?”, “The Prophecy”, and “How did it end?”. These tracks capture a wealth of emotion from sadness to rage to confusion. They are beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. I must admit that I do enjoy all of the songs on the album and consider it to be a no-skip album. Taylor Swift exceeded my expectations once again.

As a Swiftie this album reminded me of how human she is and how real her emotions are. This album is in my top 3 it is truly a work of art. I did not know I would love this album as much as I do. I am so grateful Taylor has chosen to share these stunning moments of vulnerability and humanity. If you have not already, I strongly encourage you to check out this album.

Jenna Edghill

U Ottawa '25

Hello, I’m Jenna I am currently in my third year at the University of Ottawa in the criminology program.