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The Swimsuit You Want to Wear this Season

Everyone’s body is different; tall, short, big boobs, small boobs, full hips, broad shoulders, etc., etc., but let’s get one thing straight: no one looks like a fruit.  I refuse to label a woman’s body as ‘pear’ shaped, or ‘apple’ shaped, or any other inanimate object for that matter.  There are not 4, 8, or 12 different body types, there are as many shapes and sizes as there are women, because we’re all 100% unique.

Given this fact, some of us have genes that may or may not be so generous in the breast or booty area, and this should be taken into consideration when picking out a swimsuit this season. However by this point we have all heard what tops to wear to accentuate or support what, and no one needs a new article about that.  So, instead, let’s run through the trends that are new for this season, and who they are best suited to, so you can figure out what you want to be wearing as the beach season approaches.

When browsing through the Victoria’s Secret website, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine how any of those bikinis would look on a normal person.  Let’s be honest: none of us have the perfect abs, the sun-kissed skin, and the runway legs (maybe a few of you exist but it’s safer for my ego that I pretend you don’t) along with the benefit of a team of master photoshop-ers to keep us looking flawless.  So the first thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to look like Miranda Kerr or Adriana Lima to wear a swimsuit, not even Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima look like Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima, as we are all aware that ads and the pictures we see in magazines are completely airbrushed and deceiving.

Now getting on with it, for those of you always in tune with the latest trends, no matter the place, there are a number of hot topics we are seeing this season across the board, and a few can be transferred over to swimwear, particularly floral being a big, big one.  This trend holds not only for swimwear but also for everyday fashion, however it is much easier to incorporate florals into your beach wear without looking like a 70’s couch cover.  One of my favourite floral bikinis is the black or summer floral demi top from Victoria’s Secret, which of course comes in many other patterns.

Also popular are ruffles.  Very cutesy and girly, if that’s your style; they add a little something to make an otherwise typical swimsuit a little different.  Put on a polka dot bikini like Victoria’s Secret’s tie-front bandeau top, you might just be the trendiest gal on the beach.

For those of you wanting to hit the beach-volleyball court, or battle it out in some water sports, you might be a little worried about a fashion-mishap, and it might be wise to avoid the teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini.  There are a number of great one-piece or tank-top style bikinis.  Alternatively it’s always acceptable to channel your inner Marilyn and go a little retro with high waisted bottoms and a modest top.

Finally, for those of you wanting to really stand-out with your swimwear this season you can opt for a sequined top like the sequined bandeau top also from Victoria’s Secret.  And once you’ve had enough sun and water for the day, throw on a cover-up, which come in a million different shapes and styles.  Some of my favourites are from Paradizia, like the coral-fish cover-up, which has incredible detail though may ring-up a bigger bill than the average student may be looking to spend – thankfully look-alikes can be found at many swimwear stores, or even a Winners if you go on the right day.

This is the year to leave your that plain black two-piece in your closet and have some fun; try a keyhole bandeau with strips and ruffles, a retro one-piece with a plunging neckline, or a sequined halter with gold accents – the possibilities are endless!  Forget worrying about how a swimsuit fits your body type, and match it instead to your personality type, you’ll be sure to rock it.

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