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Surviving Finals: A Collegiette’s Must Haves

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Finals are right around the corner and we’re going to need all the help we can get to stay calm, cool, and collected! Check out HCuOttawa’s must have spring survival list to help you through these terrible times. 

1. Brappz Strap by Brappz: Did your bra strap or shoe lace inconveniently break? Are you looking for a fun new necklace or bracelet? Well, Swiss brand Brappz has you covered! During finals, you don’t have time to be concerned with running to the store if your bra strap or shoe lace breaks! You need all the time you can get to catch up on your class notes. If you’d like your very own Brappz just in time for finals, share this article on Twitter! Be sure to tag us (@HCuOttawa) and include this hashtag: #HCSurvivalKits. We’ll pick a winner by Wednesday April 6th! 

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2. Waterproof Makeup: Because we know that stress crying is a very real thing for collegiettes during finals season. Keep your look flawless by switching to waterproof formulas during exams with products such as Milani Ultrafine Felt Tip Liquid Liner and Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara

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3. A Hot Dog break from you-know-who: Everyone needs to eat, right? Treat yo’self to some street meat courtesy of uOttawa’s most beloved man; The Hot Dog Guy. 

4. Cute and Practical Stationary Supplies: Studying with cute stationary makes the entire process much less painful, am I right!?!? If you love making lists, check out the Clipboard Notepad from Chapters (pictured below) or this beautiful Kate Spade gold notebook from Nordstrom. 

5. ID Holder: Bringing a purse or backpack to an exam can be stressful – especially when you have to leave it at the front or back of the room where you can’t monitor it. These Vera Bradley Zip ID Holders are the perfect way to ensure you have your student ID and bus pass stored safely by your side while you ace that final! 

Photo credits to Her Campus ISU

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