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The snow is melting, flowers are… almost blooming and the sun is finally out past 4:30 pm. That’s right, girls-spring has arrived! So, as an ode to my two favourite things (spring and shopping), here’s a list of items I feel are worth the splurge to look and feel your best this spring/summer. As a fellow student, I totally understand-we all have limited budgets. However, for certain items quality trumps quantity. So, in celebration of the Nordstrom opening, lets splurge (then cry about it later)!

1. All Saints Leather Jacket: $500+

Shown above: The "Wyatt" Leather Biker Jacket

Leather jackets are perfect for spring with the weather mild yet unpredictable at times. They instantly add a bit of an edge to any outfit. Plus, owning an All Saints leather jacket is literally for life; they will never go out of style and just get better with age. 

2. Kate Spade New York Watch: $100+

Kate Spade,-need I say more? Known for her cute and bright designs, Kate Spade screams spring and summer to me. With such bright colours and great designs it also makes the perfect accessory. Also, every girl needs a great watch to tell the time of course! 

3. Rebecca Minkoff "Julian" Fringe Backpack: $523

Backpacks are perfect for spring and outdoor activity. Whether you’re itching to find and afternoon adventure, going on a walk, or having a picnic, the backpack is great to hold all your stuff without dragging you down. Not only is it super reasonable, but also super pretty. Fringe is back in this summer and this backpack does it just right. 

4. Fresh "Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask": $108

Now that the clouds are parting and the sun is shining, it's time for your skin to glow too! After the harsh winter sucking out all our natural skin moisture, this black tea mask is a really great hydrating treatment for your face. It firms, smoothes, and encourages healthier skin with the help of antioxidants. A few uses of this and you’ll be 100% selfie ready #nofilter 

5. Burberry "Holloway" Rain Boot: $364

As liberating as it is to shove our winter boots to the back of our closets, we’re not completely in the clear. Thankfully, rain boots are great transition shoes to wear between seasons. They’re flat so you can run around freely but also provide the coverage necessary for those upcoming rainy days. These Burberry boots are a great pair to invest in because they have the iconic print, and on the grand scale of Burberry prices, you can call these a great deal. 

Just remember:

Xoxo, Bolu

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Hi there! I am Bolu Erinoso, currently a 4th year Communications student obsessed with all things media, fashion, and beauty related. I love to read, write and recently started a personal style website at www.whimsicalsoles.com with my fellow HerCampus writer Nancy.
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