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Spring 101: Loving Your Home Again

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Exams are over, summer vacation is here… and all of your friends are going away on vacation or having plans that seem more exciting than anything you’ll be doing. What was supposed to be an exciting summer with all your friends is already starting to look like the exact opposite. The summer months tend to go by far too quickly when you’re having fun, but that tends to be a better option that watching summer reruns of reality television programs.

No matter where “home” is, there is a guaranteed way to ensure you will love your home again. For those native residents of Ottawa (or abroad), if you’re spending your summer in your hometown – consider getting a job. While having a job keeps you from spending time with your friends during daylight hours (if you work typical 9am to 5pm shifts), it helps financially support your adventures with them on your days off. It may even help cushion your bank account for fall tuition. Not to mention, free home-cooked meals from your parents and, hopefully, free rent. Who would decline such a fantastic offer?

When you get a day off, don’t spend it sleeping! You can be productive by taking cooking classes at a local community centre – which your parents will appreciate forever – or training to get your lifeguarding certification, your Smart Serve certification, or anything else you might find useful to add to your résumé, or simply to add to your skill set.

You can also start reading all the books you never thought you’d read outside of your high school English class by visiting the public library and taking a day (or more, if needed) to delve into a book or two of your choice. And if you really like those books, the What Should I Read Next? database will help you figure out similar books that might interest you.

For those travel enthusiasts, maybe you can’t afford to go to Italy this summer, but why miss out on the Italian adventures? Venture to Little Italy or Chinatown with friends or family and be a tourist for a week. Each day, pick a different location and take pictures as though it’s your first time there (because it might honestly be your first visit). It may seem cheesy at first, but it offers a different perspective to hometown life.

Being a tourist really has no limitations, you can explore your hometown by carrying a map around – even though you know exactly where you are and where you’re going – and by taking lots of pictures of everything you see. Take pictures of historical monuments, buildings, and find the biggest tourist attracting event you can go to.

At the end of the summer, make a photo album as a collection of all your adventures. It could be a tangible one or an online one, but it’s fun to look back on your summer “abroad”. When your friends return home and ask what you did all summer, you can show them that you had the time of your life.


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