The Spookiest Thing You'll Do in October... and 3 More Haunts That'll Have You Totally Shook!

Ah, October. The scariest month of the year. Of all the world’s holidays, there’s no question: Halloween reigns supreme (Christmas people – fight me.) Every year, I spend my free time searching for the terrifying ways to celebrate Spooky SZN. I mean, if you’re anything like me, you can only watch The Conjuring so many times before getting bored! 

Well, my fellow Pumpkin-heads, I may have found the spookiest spook in all of Ottawa. Behold: The Haunting of Laurier House, where (for a mere $50) you can play ghost-hunter for the night with The Haunted Walk Ottawa.

Sandy Hill residents – chances are you’ve passed by the Laurier House every day on your walk to school. Built in 1878, this historical Chapel Street residence was home to both Prime Ministers Laurier and Mackenzie King, who used to hold actual seances with a medium in the house. To make things that much spookier, Laurier, his wife, and the two original owners all DIED in the house. Um, yikes??



I consider myself pretty brave when it comes to the supernatural. I’ve never shied away from a good horror movie night or a stroll through a spooky cemetery. After venturing into The Laurier House, I can confidently say that I was totally wrong. 

Without any spoilers, this horrifying ghost investigation had me quite literally scared stiff. From moving objects to changing temperatures and an unsettling feeling of being watched, I have no idea how to explain what happened in that house.


Nightmares aside – my friends and I had a great time at the Haunting of Laurier House. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure, grab a few friends (must be 18 or older!) and make your way over to Chapel Street. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, the experience was unforgettable and definitely not for the faint of heart. 

I’ll leave you with a warning – my tour of the Laurier House included some unconventional (and, frankly, super scary) ghost-summoning techniques. If Ouija boards and séances are not your thing, I’d avoid The Haunting of Laurier House. 

Here are a few more of my fave haunting Halloween experiences to do with your pals this fall. 

Saunder’s Farm – Munster, ON


Visit Saunder’s Farm during the day for kid-friendly autumn activities and the perfect insta photo-op. At night, this family farm becomes FrightNights. Book tickets online for a night full of Haunted houses and hayrides and overall creepy fun! 

Watson’s Mill – Manotick, ON


Watson’s Mill is the main attraction in Manotick, a town just South-East of Barrhaven. Explore the mill to learn more about the town’s history – you may just catch a glimpse the ghost of Ann Crosby Currier, the mill-owner’s wife who died on site. From October 24 to 26, the mill even turns into a haunted house! 

The Haunted Walk Ottawa 



Haunted Walk Ottawa is a staple in the nation’s capital! For the scaredy-cats out there, The Original Haunted Walk or the Crime and Punishment Tour at the Ottawa jail might be for you. To the braver bunch – try the Ghosts and Gallows Jail Tour or Incident at the Bunker might be more your speed. 


Happy Haunting!