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Savage x Fenty: A Portrayal of Unapologetic Individuality

The Fenty brand has been a project directly inspired by Rihanna’s bold and empowering fashion style. Savage x Fenty embraces uniqueness and sexuality in a daring and unapologetic way, and this message can be heard loud and clear in the brand’s most recent fashion show.

Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 is a visual story that depicts inspiration, self-love, and unique sexual energy. It is a star-filled production featuring many ground-breaking artists, including Rosalia, Elle Mai, Gigi Goode, Parris Goeble, Indya Moore, Nadia Lee, Dexter Mayfield, and many more.

The message goes beyond the simple “love yourself,” — it is about fashion being a mediator between identity and self-expression. Lingerie is not equivalent to vulnerability; it is a canvas for the portrayal of personal value, without the limits of societal pressures or superficial stereotypes.

The way I experienced the show was guided by the set changes, which I can classify into three broad categories: the whites and bold electronic, the natural and colorful, and the green industrial. The open white sets gave me a sense of limitless artistry, while the flowery jungle hinted at the nature of human traits and desires, and the industrial factory was a reminder of a society ruled by uniqueness rather than reproduction. 

The moods and emotions evoked by the sets were refined by the vibrancy and details not only of the lingerie pieces but also of the models wearing them, acting as accomplices and muses rather than just carriers of the fashion. Lingerie in the context of this show was used as a declaration of identity as an exclusive construct that responds to no stranger’s questionings. 

With the current norms of social distancing, we have received the opportunity to engage in introspection about our individuality, unconstrained by any social agenda. Savage x Fenty is the epitome of the value granted only by yourself and goes beyond what others would impose as “beauty” standards. This show is an invitation to be your own inspiration and to create a habit of constantly expressing yourself for who you are, beyond any enforced roles in a bigger system. 

You can watch the Savage x Fenty fashion show now on Amazon Prime.

Savage Fenty

Ligia Garcia

U Ottawa '23

Ligia is a Communication student at Uottawa and an active contributing writer at the school's chapter. She loves everything related to media, from following the latest TikTok trend to breaking down a movie's characters and themes.
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