In a Rush? Quick Fixes for Wet Hair

When you’re constantly worrying about your responsibilities at school or work, something as simple as having wet hair can be an obstacle. Sure, while dry shampoo exists, every so often the need to finally wash your hair does arise.

So, what does one do with wet hair?

The solution is simple, and here are a few ways to go from drab to rad in minutes. With these quick tips, you’ll be full-out fabulous in a way that will even give uber chef-of-the-moment and hair goddess, Giada De Laurentiis, a run for her money.

Fishtail Braid

Braids, braids and more braids—say hi to your new best friend! With today’s ever-evolving style bucket, there are many different ways to do the classic trend in an haute couture way. It may not bring you your morning java, but it will certainly boost your confidence and help you focus more on your hectic day.

The classic fishtail always looks sleek and modern. Begin with two, even sections of hair, taking small strands from each side and crossing them over each other. Once finished, gently tug the sections apart to create a looser, more boho-chic effect. To get a more girly or fun edge, separate a section of hair from the rest of the braid and wrap it around a curling wand to give off an innocent, flirty look.


The side-braid, which is simply a braid that rests to the side, keeps your hair out of your face. Once dried, the effect results in loose, sexy, textured waves that will be sleek and ready for dinner and drinks later on in the night. It can be glammed up with cute hair bows and clips. In addition, this type of braid helps to prevent any tangles.

Milkmaid braid

Dutch milk braids will never let you down. This quick and simple hairstyle is efficient at taming your wild, “morning” locks while still looking fabulous and fun. Start by plaiting two braids on either side of your head. Then, take both braids and pin them at the base of your head. Pull out some hair from the front to give the style more of a messy, laidback style. You can even just make one long braid and wrap it around your head, pinning it in place. You may even adapt this style so that it makes two braids that simply smooth back the front sections/layers of your hair and style the rest of it with a messy bun/curly waves.

In keeping up with this hair trend, simply twisting your hair and collecting it into a messy bun at the base of your head is another way to achieve a fuss-free look. By keeping your wet hair wrapped up, it also limits the amount of environment that gets in your hair so your locks can stay fresher, longer.

Sock bun

Sock buns are another way to really just throw your hair up and not worry about it. The look has quickly evolved from the fashion runways to everyday style. Start by placing your hair in a high ponytail. Then, using a donut hair accessory or a footless sock, place it at the tail end of your ponytail. Then, roll the donut down with your hair wrapped in it. When you’ve reached the hair elastic, wrap excess hair around the bun and pin in place to finish. You can also create a braid to wrap around the edge of the bun for further hair styling.

Keeping your hair in an updo will facilitate faster drying time. The texture that results from such grooming can vary, but still be adapted to whatever you may be doing during the day. The hair itself will always be kept back from your face. This increases your concentration. You will be able to focus more on school instead of worrying about how messy your hair may look because it’s tied back. You can also smooth it back in between breaks and style it with a spritz of hairspray as it dries.

It`s true that washing your lovely tresses is a hassle and sometimes a burden, but keeping your hair healthy is all the rage. In maintaining different hairstyles, you also have the ability to change up your look. Let’s all take a page out of the always gorgeous Blair Waldorf, who never told chaos to f-off without looking stunning.

The evolution of hair styling has expanded so much over the years. We have moved past the generation of basic ponytails and dove straight into the classically hip. Embrace this hair trend, and don’t be afraid to make it your own.

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BE Brave

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