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Relaxing Between Terms

Exam season is probably one of the most stressful points of the school year. We all know that. It can be even harder to focus when you’re looking forward to the break you get in between terms. It’s a much-needed time for students to just sit back and forget about school. 

The following are some of my favourite things to do to relax during the break

Have at least one day to just veg out by yourself

After having spent the last few weeks looking at the same notes over and over again, it can sometimes be a little difficult to turn off your brain. You don’t have to be able to do it all at once but it is important to let yourself have a break. Especially since many people go home for the break and have to be around family for a few days which can be stressful in itself. 


It can also be overwhelming to have to switch between the two situations. I personally think it’s best to take one day to yourself to just relax. Catch up on all the Netflix shows that have been missed over the last few weeks. Talk to a few people who have also been dealing with the similar kind of things. Whatever helps you just be able to shut off for a day, do it. It feels nice to have at least one day where you don’t have to worry about anything for a while.

Find some friends to catch up with

Some of you may stay in Ottawa over the break, and many of you have probably already gone home. That being said, it can be a good idea to make plans with some friends. They could be friends from high school, neighbours or even a sibling who you haven’t talked to as much. Regardless of who it is, take the time to catch up with them and enjoy the time you have with them.

Don’t worry too much about upcoming classes

I don’t know about anyone else, but I spend a lot of time looking at my class schedule for the upcoming semester. Wondering how much my textbooks are going to cost me for the next few months, if my profs have posted the syllabus anywhere, if I know anyone in my course. It’s something to think about for sure, but they aren’t things someone should have to worry about over a short break. You don’t get much time during the semester to do whatever you want since you have to worry about classes. 

Movie night

We all love movies, right? So, it seems right to be able to dedicate a night or two to having marathons. Invite your friends, enjoy it with your family, or just sit there with your pet. Make it a time to just enjoy some of your favourite movies for a night. And if you can’t get through them all in one night, who says you can’t do it again in a few days?

Second-year anthropology student at uOttawa.
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