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Profile: Karoline Achille for VP Philanthropic Affairs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Her Campus: Tell us a little about yourself.
Karoline Achille: I’m a bilingual second year student in the Honours Psychology  program, I am currently involved in a humanitarian project which consists of raising money for an orphanage in Haiti and I am also the youth representative of Ottawa for Development and Peace, an international organization that works with countries down south. My main interests are activism movements, social issues, and equity.

HC: Is this your first time running for a position in the PSA? 
KA: Yes, this is my first time running for a PSA executive position although I was a guide for 101 week and do have experience in planning events, fundraisers and social gatherings. I do believe that I am qualified for this position as I do have the resources, the experience and knowledge for this position. Philanthropic work isn’t about the title but more about the concrete actions that you take. I do believe that uOttawa’s community has a need in the philanthropic field for events that reaches out to gender, race, ableism, Trans and other social groups. I want to create events that promote minorities, as we are not currently doing that.

HC: What made you decide to run for VP Philanthropy? 
KA: I wanted to get more involved with the PSA since my first year and my second year as a guide for 101 week. Philanthropy is the position that stood out the most for me when I was looking at the different positions. Giving my time and attention to make the life of others better is something I will always vouch for. I believe that increasing someone’s well-being is beneficial for society in general. It would be an honour to work with the amazing team that the PSA is building.

HC: What is your platform? 
KA: I am running for Vice President of Philanthropic Affairs for a first mandate under the Psychology students Association (PSAEP). I met fantastic members of the PSAEP during my experience as a 101 week guide. My experiences as a volunteer through non-profit organization on an international level and on a local level are qualities that are beneficial to the association. I am co-founder of a fundraiser for orphan students and I am also involved with non-profit organizations. I believe that the expertise and knowledge that I have in philanthropy makes me an ideal candidate to improve the involvement of the PSAEP with the University.
My goals are:

  • I am committed to maintaining and if not adding fundraisers based on cancer research/ non-curable research.
  • As VP Philanthropy in Psychology, I pledge to get involved with events involving different non-profit associations on campus (with a focus on minorities).
  • My involvement as VP Philanthropy doesn’t stop at Psychology; I am committed to promoting local organizations, such as the Ottawa Mission, YMCA, Ottawa Food bank, etc.

HC: Why are you the best person for this job? Tell us three facts about yourself that would help you as VP Philanthropy: 
I am the best person for this job because I am already involved in the volunteer community of the University of Ottawa. Fundraising and organizing events is something that I’ve been doing for years now. Adding this new experience as VP Philanthropic Affairs would help me add to the base that I already have.
My three facts would be:

  • I am the cofounder of a humanitarian project under the belt of the C.E.H.U.O (The Haitian student club of the University of Ottawa)
  • I participated in a door to door fundraiser this past winter (it was -27 degrees so yes I am motivated!)
  • I am already involved with non-profit organizations but I want to spread my horizon!

HC: Where can we learn more about your campaign?
My campaign has been stress free since the first day, I recommend checking out my posts because they will put a smile on your face! To follow my campaign you can check me out on Facebook (Karoline Achille) or you can simply go to my event page.

HC: Any last words?
I honestly hope you go out and vote Karoline Achille for VP of Philanthropic Affairs, in Psychology but also go out and vote in general because as students it is our duty to vote!


Photos courtesy of Karoline Achille
Editor’s note: answers have been edited for clarity and/or length

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