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Profile: Graham Robertson

Name: Graham
Pronouns Used: He/him
Age: 19
Program and Year of Study: Conflict Studies and Human Rights, 2nd Year
Favourite Type of Social Media: Snapchat!
Personal Motto: Do what makes you happy, and do what you can to make others happy too.

Her Campus uOttawa: Besides being a student, how else are you involved within the University of Ottawa and SFUO?
Graham: This year I was fortunate enough to serve as a year rep for my student association (CHRA)! It has been an incredibly humbling experience to work alongside such fantastic people planning events and getting to know so many students in my program. I’m also a Staff Contributor for The Fulcrum. Writing is something I’m really passionate about, so I’m hoping to continue doing that during my time at uOttawa. Model UN is also very close to my heart, and I chaired in a conference at uOttawa last year and will be doing so again this year! Those things keep me fairly occupied right now, but I’m hoping to try new things over my next two years here!

HCuO: What is the best part of your program?
Graham: Everyone is so open-minded and shares similar values which is great because I really feel like it’s a community I belong in. It also helps that we’re a rather small program so it’s very easy to get to know people; we’re pretty much a little family and I love it! The content we learn is very interesting too, and it’s a field I would love to work in after I graduate. Not to mention, the professors have such exciting stories to share about their experiences, and you can’t help but wish you’ll be able to fill their shoes one day!

HCuO: If you were to improve one thing about the University of Ottawa, what would that be?
Graham: I think there should be a designated nap room/relaxation room on campus. Everyone could use a break, especially during midterms and finals, and having one room filled with comfy couches, blankets, TVs and movies, and anything else to help students pause and take some time for themselves as a study break would be so helpful in my opinion. Someone please get on that ASAP!

HCuO: Where is your go-to study spot on campus?
Graham: Floors 12-14 of FSS are definitely my favourite study spots; it typically isn’t very crowded and the view of the city from up there is absolutely breathtaking. For anyone who has me on Snapchat, you probably know about this already because whenever I’m up there I have to post a story showing off the marvellous view. No matter the weather, the city always looks gorgeous there and it’s the perfect place to work on a paper or study for a midterm!

HCuO: Which celebrity would you want to play you if your autobiography ever became a movie?
Graham: I think it would be so cool to have Daniel Radcliffe play me in a movie about my life! I’ve always enjoyed his work (I’m a diehard Harry Potter fan and he was phenomenal in the Woman in Black as well) so having him play me would be quite the treat!

HCuO: Using three adjectives, how do you think your friends would describe you?
Graham: I would hope they would say: Funny, nice, and helpful!

HCuO: Do you have any hidden talents?
Graham: I’m really good at embarrassing myself in public (falling, tripping, dropping things…). Does that count as a talent? I can also finish a meal in half the time of the people around me.

HCuO: With summer quickly approaching, what are you most excited about?
Graham: This summer I’ll be going to Geneva, Switzerland for a field research course! I am extremely excited for it and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. The prof is someone I really admire and I have never been to Switzerland before so it’ll be great to check out a new country! Not to mention the course content is very interesting and not something you get to learn in a regular class. Plus I’ll be going with two very good friends from my program so I think that overall it will be an unforgettable trip!

HCuO: The year is 2020, where do you see yourself?
Graham: I would love to attend law school after my undergrad (not exactly sure where yet), or hopefully working for the government or doing something internationally! I’m really interested in peace-building and diplomacy so hopefully that’s something I’ll be doing four years from now. Fingers crossed!

HCuO: Describe your relationship status.
Graham: Single and ready for a Pringle

HCuO: Anything else you want to tell the collegiette world of Her Campus uOttawa?
Graham: Thank you to all of you for giving me this opportunity, especially my dear friend the wonderful Emily Sams! It is such an honour to be featured on Her Campus uOttawa and keep up your incredible work! I look forward to reading your future publications!

Thank you for chatting with us Graham! You’re absolutely wonderful.


Photo sources: All photos came from Graham’s social media

Emily first got involved in the University of Ottawa's Her Campus chapter in 2015 and is currently part of the Entertainment team. She is in her final year of Conflict Studies and Human Rights with a minor in Women's Studies, works for Public Safety Canada as a Junior Communications Officer and is the President of Theta Sigma Psi sorority.
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