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Profile: Emily Sams for VP Philanthropy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Her Campus: Tell us a little about yourself.
Emily Sams: My name is Emily Sams and I’m a second year Conflict Studies and Human Rights major with a minor in Women’s Studies here at the University of Ottawa. On campus I’m involved in my student association’s Peacekeeper’s club, a member of Theta Sigma Psi and a writer for Her Campus uOttawa’s Lifestyle team. Off campus I work as the Community Development Coordinator for the Open Table, intern for MP Niki Ashton and serve as the Leader of the Opposition for Ontario Youth Parliament. Pretty much I’m a mega feminist and unashamed political nerd.

HC: Is this your first time running for a position in the CHRA (Conflict and Human Rights Association)? 
ES: It is my first time running in one of the official elections! I’ve always been interested in student politics so I’m excited to have the opportunity to get more involved.

HC: What made you decide to run for VP Philanthropy? 
ES: I’ve been interested in getting involved with the executive of the CHRA for a while and I guess this year the timing just seemed… right I guess? Our incredible VP Philanthropy Morgan Leung has done a great job this past year and I’m excited to get to continue on the work she’s done.

HC: What is your platform? 
ES: My main goal is to promote a sense of volunteerism within our student association so I plan on organizing monthly volunteer days for CHRA and other social science students to give back to the community through service projects. I also want to work with the SFUO’s campaign team to assist in the amazing work they’re doing. Throughout the 2016/2017 term I’m hoping to just spread that #CHRAlove (our association’s hashtag- we are known as the hippies on campus).

HC: Why are you the best person for this job? Tell us three facts about yourself that would help you as VP Philanthropy: 

  1. I have experience working with young adults and students to fundraise for charity. In 2014 I was a Love Minister for Ontario Youth Parliament and my job was to raise money for a charity. In four days alone we raised over $500.
  2. I love being involved in both on and off campus activities. I’ve been involved with CHRA since my first 101 week so I think I can bring my enthusiasm to the CHRA to help engage other students as well.
  3. I would like to think I’m a pretty open minded, caring person who wants to make a difference. Whether that’s arranging volunteer days, raising money for incredible charities or just hanging out in the office waiting to talk to someone, I’m always here to support those who want and need it.

HC: Where can we learn more about your campaign?
ES: To read my full platform and the platform of everyone else who is running in the CHRA elections, you can visit this website. To keep up to date with my campaign or to just get to know me better (I love chatting with new people) you can check out my Facebook event, my twitter, or email me at esams085@uottawa.ca!

HC: Any last words?
ES: VOTE VOTE VOTE on March 22nd-24th 2016. Bring your friends too! Even if student politics aren’t your thing the fact that we have associations representing the opinions and values of students in university discussions is an incredible privilege. Also, if you’re thinking of running in a student election or just getting involved, go for it! You meet wonderful people and it’s a great way to spend your time (it also doesn’t hurt your resume, trust me).
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my platform. Oh yeah and CHRA students, I would love the chance to represent you this upcoming year so Vote “Yes” or “Oui” for me!


Photos are courtesy of Emily Sams.  

Zoe Crego

U Ottawa '17

Zoë held the position of President of Her Campus at uOttawa from 2015-2017 and was a Senior Chapter Advisor. She graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2017 and has pursued a career in the Canadian federal public service. She is very grateful to Her Campus for providing a creative outlet while studying and believes her experience with Her Campus helped her grow professionally and personally.    
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