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Philippe Desrosiers ‘16

Name: Philippe Desrosiers

Program: Political science and Communication (2nd year)

Relationship Status: single

Celebrity Crush: Sam Claflin


What do you look for in your significant other?

I want a smart guy, who is sportive, a hard-worker, cultivated, laid-back and easy-going.

Your biggest turn off:

It bothers me when a guy only cares about money.

Describe your best date:

We went for drinks in a bar, nothing special.  We just talked a lot and had fun.  It didn’t last though…

Your worst date:

I was at a bar and I’d just met the guy.  We spent most of the night talking, hanging out, drinking, etc.  I ended up going to his place.  He introduced me to his roommate, whom I later found out was actually his boyfriend.  He had only used me to make him jealous.

Your hobbies, involvement, interests:

I’m on the Varsity Rowing team for the University.  I regularly read the Newspaper LaPresse.  I enjoy watching movies sometimes.  Now I’m enjoying the movie Bridegroom and I’m a big fan of the James Bond franchise.

What do you enjoy doing the most in winter?

I love spending weekends at the mountain snowboarding and skiing. 

Who’s your role model?

Hilary Clinton, for her ideas and what she fights for.  On the other hand, there are also my coaches on the rowing team.  They showed me that you can suceed in both sports and school.

Your plans after you get your degree:

I’d like to do a master in International Politics.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

At 30, I’d have a job I love, I’d be in a relationship with a man I love and we’d both be making plans for the future.

Your dream job:

I’d like to work either in politics or in journalism.

Any dating advice:

Don’t be pretentious; have a good balance between listening and talking; and be yourself.

Why are you still single?

Well, I’ve been single for 2 years and I think it’s because I’m just too picky (he says laughing).  But I’ll find the right person someday…


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