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Our Campus: A Runway

Galaxy Pants by FlammeJumelle

Many would be skeptical if they were told that inspirational designers could actually be graduates from the University of Ottawa. However, even though our university is not known in the fashion industry, we cannot ignore the artistic potential many students actually have. Gwen Madiba, a model and designer, is a sociology graduate from uOttawa. She is the founder of I AM FASHION and has been ranked in many magazines as an inspirational and powerful woman. Her impact in Canada’s fashion industry is undeniable and many more students who study here can follow suit.

So, it is no surprise when I state that we have students with great potential that attend our own university. We just need to point them out. Many students have their own pages to promote their work, especially when it comes to hand-made items such as knitted headbands or jewelry.

Knit Wits is a perfect example. Calandra Dermott started making custom made headbands and hats for students when arriving to uOttawa. She has her own Facebook page through which she receives her orders with specifications such as the color of the Yarn or a certain word the client would like to have written. What is great about these local artists is that we can personalize every item we get, which is something we can rarely do with any popular and mainstream brand.

Furthermore, some students have already taken the initiative to have their own online stores. In this article, I’ll mainly focus on FlammeJumelle and King Of Arts. The founders of those two businesses both have the same passion for art and originality, but offer very different lines of products.

Iphone cover by Emilie Sarah Darlington

Emilie Sarah Darlington, AKA FlammeJumelle, is a fine arts student who has been selling original work online since summer 2012. On her e-store, Emilie sells artwork, Iphone, laptop and Ipad cases as well as throw pillows. Her beautiful designs, that have amazing minute details, are definitely something to stare at. She often posts her work on her Facebook page before it becomes available, asking her customer’s opinion on her progress. Also, she sometimes offers personalized services to her Facebook fans. For example, she’ll find a technique to make an old pair of jeans become Galaxy pants! Emilie has a very proactive approach on her business and is very open to any suggestions she receives. Her customers are currently uOttawa students, family and friends, but she wishes to branch out. She hopes her online presence will give her that opportunity. Emilie aims to become a freelance illustrator and strongly believes that she will have all the tools needed once she graduates thanks to her increasing experience in the domain. I do not doubt of her aptitudes! However, Emilie says she differentiates herself from other artists and designers with her ‘personal style, dedication, and open attitude’.

Ele-Phunk, March 2012, Emilie Sarah Darlington

A Telfer student started his own trademark this year. Founder of King Of Arts, Ryan Malcolm-Campbell found his true passion for designing clothes when he left the uOttawa basketball team. His motto? “Clothing that fits no category – wear our label, don’t be labeled.” He also mentions that his company ‘represents persistence by never giving up no matter what life throws at you’. His company is mostly aimed at young students in their 20’s. Having launched his new collection for women on March 1st, Ryan’s creations are slowly, but surely, gaining popularity on campus and hopefully they will soon replace the usual Roots sweaters girls wear. Ryan is very ambitious and hopes to open his flagship store in a few years. Also, he wishes to meet with other talented young people like him to incorporate their designs within his brand to appeal to the diversity of his clientele. The different angle he uses in the fashion industry will benefit him by helping him stand out from other designers. His innovative ideas to get King Of Arts out on the streets are greatly anticipated! 

King of Arts (KOA) clothing

What all these aspiring artists have in common is not only ambition and talent, but peer support. It is the positive feedback they received that gave them the confidence to show their talent to the world and start their own businesses. Therefore, if you have a classmate or friend with a talent worth showing off, voice you constructive opinions. Who knows, they might become the next big thing to hit the stores.

If you would like to know more about the artists above, do not hesitate to support them by going on their websites and liking their Facebook Pages:

Knit Wits
 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/knitwitshomepage?fref=ts

Emilie Sarah Darlington
 Website: http://society6.com/flammejumelle
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emilie-Darlington-flammejumelle/443644432379230

Ryan Malcolm-Campbell
 Website: http://www.kingofarts.com
 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kingofartsco?fref=ts





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