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My Love/Hate Relationship With Snow

Winter is coming. And although we are still expecting to have a green Christmas, the temperatures have been dropping meaning the extra layers are a necessity in your morning routine. Despite some of us actually enjoying the idea of snow trickling down from the sky, once the realization of snow being on the ground kick in, we began to wonder why we were excited in the first place.

1) I love snow because I can make snow angels in it.

2) I hate snow because it means shoveling my drive-way twice a day.

3) I love snow because it means sitting by the fireplace and drinking hot chocolate.

4) I hate snow because…well black ice says it all.

(It’s cool just walk it off, no one saw.)

5) I love snow because it means doing outdoor activities like skating, tubbing, and Winterlude!

6) I hate snow because of all the layers.

7) I love snow because it means the holidays are fast approaching.

8) I hate snow because it means I have to hibernate in order to not be faced with a cold and disappointing weather. (Still undecided whether this is a bad thing or not.)

9) I love snow because of snowmans, snow forts, snow ball fights and ice sculptures.

10) I hate snow well because…..it’s snow.

Happy Holidays!



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