My Favourite Motivational Millennial Bloggers

Everyone follows that one person as a source of inspiration, whether that means being motivated to exercise more, eat healthy, get school work done on time, or lead a fabulous lifestyle. Like many people who have social media, I have also fallen prey to following hundreds of different blogs on every social media platform. Although I follow tons of different blogs, I pay special attention to a only a select handful of them.

My favourite, most motivational blogs are compiled in this list. This list features blogs from all types of blogging platforms, which I love because I’m never stuck in one place, rather I can alternate between different platforms to read different blogs and articles.

Motivation Grid [ }

Created by Cris Niklov, this blog features quotes, videos and articles that are designed to motivate people to focus on their happiness and productivity. This blog is perfect to read when you’re chilling at home and getting ready for a Netflix binge. I love the fact that it always gives a good motivational vibe, that makes me change course from Netflix to studying.

The Confused Millenial [ ]

A blog started by Rachel Ritlop, it features articles about a range of things pertaining on how to “adult”. This blog features so many useful articles on how to deal with everyday things in your every day life. Rachel has amazing posts about life lessons and a fantastic podcast series, that I love listening to when I’m cleaning.

Academiix [ ]

The most aesthetically pleasing tumblr you might ever find. The creator of this tumblr blog, Iris, has created the perfect blog about her life as a student. She’s got posts about everything school and productivity related. When she posts pictures of her perfect and beautiful notes, it’s inspiring and makes me want to start making neater and aesthetically groovy notes for all of my classes too.

Helene In Between [ ]

The travel blog, started in 2012 by Helene Sula features the journey of Helene and her husband picking up everything and moving from the United States all the way to Europe. This blog is perfect for anyone who loves to travel. It’s filled with pictures of their adventures, tips and tricks for travelling abroad and just feel-good vibes.

World Changing Women [ ]

A twitter blog dedicating to spreading love and positive messages, this blog features quotes and messages to inspire and motivate you for whatever challenges you might be facing that day. I love reading these tweets in the morning while I sit down to have a coffee or right before a difficult class. The messages they post always bring a smile to my face and help me with the day I have ahead of me.

Lost Gen Y Girl [ ]

Created by Kayla Buell, this blog features a wide variety of awesome posts about anything and everything. My personal favourites on her blog include posts having to do with adulting and career paths. She’s got great tips and tricks on how to succeed doing what you love and how-to adult in 2019. In addition to those two categories, she’s also got great tips for finances and blogging.

No matter where you turn, bloggers are everywhere. Some good blogs, some great blogs. Following blogs that are empowering and motivating can bring so much positivity into your life. Find bloggers who post about things you like and check out some of their stuff, who knows - you might be inspired to start your own blogs too!


Bonus Blog :  Kristina Fridrich [

Check out a personal favourite of mine, this awesome and inspiring blog!