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My Favourite Astrological Signs and Placements

I’ve been interested in astrology for quite some time now. This passion began at an early age when I got my first teen magazine, and I stumbled upon a page neatly detailing every sign of the zodiac and their respective quirks. I read that I was a Taurus: an earth sign, which at first seemed to make sense, but never really resonated with me. I agreed with the article’s sweet words that I enjoyed the finer things in life such as art and beauty, but I can’t say that I’ve ever felt calm or grounded for a day in my life, contrary to what was being described of my sign. SO I embarked on a quest to figure out more about astrological signs, and whether that was all there was to it. I quickly stumbled on the numerous layers present in astrology, and how a person even has a whole birth chart detailing the different aspects of each person’s being, rather than simply being defined by one single sign (pfiouff!). Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on astrology and have been obsessed with looking up everyone’s birth chart, from friends and family to any celebrities and actors I see. I’ve decided to compile a little homage to some of my favourite signs and placements I’ve encountered in birth charts up until now.

Scorpio Moon

The moon rules over people’s emotions and feelings, and I have to admit, I love Scorpio moons. Scorpio is a water sign, meaning people with Scorpio moons tend to be deeply emotional and in tune with their sensitivity. I find a lot of Scorpio moons tend to be a tad secretive with their emotions and true opinions, taking some time to really open up. But once they do, they are able to connect so beautifully with others. Scorpio moons are often artistic due to their deep connection with their emotions and have great taste in film, art and music. I personally find Scorpio moons to be incredibly sweet once I get to know them and they are truly refreshing to be around.

Taurus Venus

Venus rules over how people love in relationships and friendships, and I’ve found that having venus in Taurus is truly a gem of a placement. Individuals with a Taurus venus tend to benefit from the grounding aspects of the earth element of Taurus. They are patient, kind and attentive, as well as incredibly trusting. Despite the stereotype around Taurus signs being stubborn, I’ve noticed the exact opposite with this placement. Individuals with this sign placement tend to actually be incredibly open-minded. They are usually willing to change their point of view and look at things from perspectives unfamiliar to them.

Gemini Rising

The rising sign rules over one’s personality, and Gemini risings are amazing to be around. Gemini is an air sign which makes for an incredibly entertaining and flowy personality. Gemini risings are typically very chatty and adore connecting with others through conversation. They typically like to pick through many topics at a pretty fast pace, but personally, I adore the constant stimulation. They are also incredibly charming and make for great socializers due to their ability to communicate and their desire to connect. They’re one of my favourite rising signs to encounter in people.

Saggitarius Mars

Mars rules over anger and passion and I cannot get enough of the fire that comes along with the Saggitarius mars. Saggitarius is a fire sign, making for an incredibly fiery and passionate person. People with this placement are often very loving and do so with intensity, making their presence feel like a blessing. Yet with this, comes the opposite: a scorching temper, that is not easily put out. People with this placement tend to become furious in mere seconds and often have episodes where they simply explode. This makes their anger and hurt known to everyone around them. Despite all of that sounding negative, their ability to express difficult emotions is actually what I admire most about this placement, and it speaks volumes about how they truly feel.

Alice Cocard

U Ottawa '23

Third year communications student with a passion for art, writing and criticizing
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