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Missed out? We’ve got you covered: Milan Fashion Week S/S ’15

Another fashion week down; something like 10 more to go, but who’s complaining? NYFW and LFW introduced some incredible pieces and I can’t help but think that Milan really kicked ass with the astounding variety of inspirations that were pulled. So many designers came back as consistent in their technique as ever, while others surely wowed the crowds. We oooh’d at the sportswear-inspired aesthetic and angular cuts by Versace, and then we ahhh’d at Jil Sanders’s clean-cut presentation. Along with these were a myriad of bloggers, buyers, and editors alike who had their photos taken in the streets of Italy. Milan was lively and eccentric, and without further adieu I present to you the best, the weirdest, and the most electrifying of MFW SS15.

I feel like it’s absolutely necessary to talk about just how damn iconic MSGM’s SS15 pre was. It was fresh! It was captivating! It was full of organic spiky succulent-inspired prints, including but not limited to pineapples and cactuses! In all honesty, what more do you need for a successful showroom? MSGM colour-blocked to the nines and even threw in some bold geometric patterns that put a spin on the concept of the overstatement piece. I also want to take this moment to say that if I wasn’t a broke student in university (shoutsout to student debt), all of the pieces from this collection would be in my closet.

Giamba, the not-so-new newcomer, hit the runway this season with loads of elegant looks for spring. In case you’re wondering, Giamba is a secondary creation for Giambattista Valli, and while I’m not usually a fan of random spurts of brand offspring, this was definitely the most charming show of the season in my honest opinion. It almost seemed nostalgic to watch-polka-dot sheer tights with light chemises and pops of pale pinks and yellows can really remind you of your childhood in all the right ways. The soft silhouettes and baby-doll dresses were endearing and adorable; precisely the look Valli seemed to have been going for. For more pictures from the show, check them out here.



People love Dolce and Gabbana and after observing their work over the past few MFWs, I totally understand why. Carefully curated, each one of the ensembles that graced the runway for S/S15 seemed to be flawlessly creative and admirable. Their show this season was dedicated entirely to 16th century Sicily and the amount of influence Spain’s culture had on fashion at the time (which you could have probably guessed by the copious amounts of rigid, square-shouldered jackets featuring hot pants with gold embellishments that could easily be mistaken for sexy matador Halloween costumes). And while the beginning of the show heavily concentrated on the cultural and traditional impact menswear has had on womenswear, it delved into a very feminine, yet powerful semblance for the second half of the show. Roses, soft silhouettes, and some of the most stunning crowns I have ever seen emphasized a perfect balance that made the show seem so regal, I almost cried. Well, not really, but it was a damn good show. This season’s use of satin and crisp cotton combinations along with dramatic embroidery continued to prove D&G to be worthy of their role as one of the greatest influencer brands, well, ever. Check out more photos here



Marni’s approach to S/S2015 can definitely be commended for their brilliant cuts and soft tones. The pieces in this collection were low-key and cool, with kimono-esque cloaks in beiges and creams to wrap skirts and summer coats in sunny yellows, reds, and oranges. It was minimalist and ironically outstanding among the loud looks that graced almost every other runway so far. Infamous for her take on feminine-bohemian aesthetic, creative director Consuelo Castiglioni has brought Marni to another successful show of wearable designs that are genius and hard to hate. There’s something really calming about her designs, as off-beat as some of them may be. All of this being said, Marni’s show was 10/10 and definitely worth watching.


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know that the talk of the town has been Moschino. Serious question: when are we not talking about the wild things this one peculiar brand has produced? Moschino’s ode to Barbie went all out, but that’s no surprise because duh, it’s Jeremy Scott. Remember those Adidas trainers with the stuffed animals on the tongues of the sneaker? Google ‘em, you’ll be in for a surprise if you don’t know who this guy is. He’s an impeccable name with designs to back it up. He doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘chill’ and it’s so obvious through his work this season, but people seem to love it. No complaints here though since he definitely has a knack for taking cultural relevance and devising strange inspiration from it. Sometimes he even spits some social commentary onto the topic. The Barbie look was captivating and eclectic, and I have to say I really am jealous of everyone who went home with gift-bags containing pink iPhone cases with mirrors on the backs. Scott’s work sells and that is the point after all, right? It was intriguing and fun to say the least. No tea, no shade.



The street-style was incredibly on point this season so I’ll let the gloriously overwhelming heaps personal style speak for itself.

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