Meet the HCuO Team: Shannon Charbonneau

Name: Shannon Charbonneau

Program and Year: Digital Journalism, 4th Year

Hometown: Calabogie, Ontario

Position: Vice-President of HCuO

Her Campus uOttawa: What led you to choose to study at the University of Ottawa?
Shannon Charbonneau: 
I started my University studies at Brock University in St. Catharines with a focus in Popular Culture. After two amazing years there, I realized I just wasn’t getting the most out of my education. I’ve always wanted to study Journalism and when uOttawa introduced the new Digital Journalism program, I thought it would be a perfect fit for me. Plus, it would be much closer to my family. Home-cooked meals and shopping dates with Mom, am I right?

HCuO: What is your favorite class taken at uOttawa so far?
 Journalism Ethics with Jozsef Orosz. Anyone who has been lucky enough to take a class with him will understand exactly what I mean.

HCuO: What drew you to Her Campus uOttawa?
SC: I knew I needed to get involved on campus to try and meet some new friends because it’s not very easy switching schools in third year. I saw a tweet that HCuO was accepting new recruits, and figured I had nothing to lose. It seemed like a great way to get some experience and enhance my writing skills. Little did I know, it would connect me with some of the brightest, sweetest gals in Ottawa. I worked on both the Writing team and the Marketing and Communications team last year, and then stayed on the M&C team this year.

HCuO: What is your favourite memory since being involved with HCuO?
 The first team social event I attended last year was a bonding night at The Loft (board game lounge). I was super nervous because I didn’t know anyone, but the team was so accepting. I remember laughing all night and was so happy I decided to join.

HCuO: What is the best piece of advice that you ever received?
Before first year, a family friend told me to take advantage of the small amounts of time I have during the day in between classes and other commitments. I didn’t really understand what he meant then, but now in my fourth year, I realize how valuable time is and how much I can get done if I just set my mind to it. Eventually, those small intervals will add up to big accomplishments if you work hard enough.

HCuO: What would be your dream job?
: I never really know the answer to this question. I would love to work for a huge media company, but I'm not sure the specific job I would want to be doing. I know I love social media and the direction that technology is taking us in so I definitely want to be part of that. 

HCuO: What short term goals do you have for life after university?
: I would love to secure a job in communications right after graduation. I know that’s a big hope in such a tough job market, but it’s amazing what you can do if you greet each day with a smile. I would also love to explore different countries after graduation (everyone on Instagram is making me catch the travel bug).

HCuO: Where would you like to travel?
 I have been given opportunities to travel around Canada, down south for vacations, as well as to a few countries in Europe, and many places in the US. Next on my list would definitely be Australia and the surrounding countries. It just looks so gorgeous! 

HCuO: Who is your role model, and why?
Kate Beirness. She is so knowledgeable about sports and has such a fun, confident personality. I’d love to get into sports media someday. 


Sources: Pictures were provided by Shannon Charbonneau.