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The Key to Straight A’s: The Pomodoro Technique?

Everyone wants to know what the secret to a perfect GPA is. We’ve all seen videos and blog posts deciphering the formula to straight A’s, but do they actually work?

These days, it seems like every post on my feed is about different study habits and organizational skills; one of those popular methods is the Pomodoro Technique. 

When I first found out about this method, I was intrigued. As someone who prides themselves on being dedicated to schoolwork, I knew I just had to make myself a guinea pig and try it out.

Before I dive into my thoughts, you may be wondering, “what the heck is the Pomodoro Technique?” Simply speaking, it’s a time management system that chunks up your work into 25 minute intervals with breaks in between. You can use a timer, but I like using the Focus To-Do app. There are tons of other tech tools and apps available for this method, too. A quick search on the web will give you more options and some in-depth information on the Pomodoro Technique. 

My Experience

I love using Focus To-Do’s free plan for my Pomodoro study sessions. In between each 25 minute interval, the app reminds you of your 5 minute break, and after a few work sessions (which you can customize) the final break is 15 minutes long. With the app, you also get to choose sounds for the alarm telling you when an interval or break is over. You can also list the tasks you have to do on the app to make a checklist. 

After figuring out how to map out my tasks and maneuver the app, I got to work. At first it was hard for me to stay focused for 25 minutes straight, especially while trying to minimize brain fog and the urge to go on my phone. At times, I would even wait for time to lapse so I would be closer to each break.

The timer also stressed me out a bit. I had to stay focused during the allotted work period and I had to stop my train of thought when there were breaks. I didn’t like the fact that some of my Pomodoros (each 25 minute interval) would break when paused instead of being one ‘perfect’ Pomodoro.

However, I learned to take it more lightly. I started treating the technique as a guiding tool. If I really wanted to measure productivity, I looked at how many tasks I completed and the amount of total time it took to complete the tasks for the day. Sometimes I didn’t even list my tasks, I just let the timer restart as I went through my checklist on my agenda.

I even made some of the Pomodoros longer and stopped using the technique all together if my head wasn’t in my work. 

Final Thoughts

The Pomodoro Technique isn’t something I use all the time, but it does help my productivity depending on the tasks I’m doing, if other people are around me or how much time I have to complete a certain task. It’s something I’ll still use, but I can’t confidently say it’s a secret weapon to success.

I’ve seen people change the interval and break times to tailor their needs, so I definitely recommend that you try the technique out to see if it can help. However, I think this technique will only make a major difference if it acts as an enhancement to other solid study habits. In my opinion, there’s no one “secret” to straight A’s. Knowing what works for you may take some trial and error, but one thing’s for sure – and it’s to be proactive. 

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