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Join the Club: The Endless Benefits of Getting Involved in College

You know that club you’ve been debating joining? Or the one you’ve followed on Instagram for months, secretly wanting to get involved? 

Well, I don’t know you, but I think it is finally time for you to become a member. 

You may have heard that joining a club during your university or college career can open a lot of doors for you. I’m telling you from experience that this is totally true, and that the benefits of participating as a member of a campus group, club, or association are endless. Once you take that jump, you’ll soon build a new network of friends, enhance your resume and maybe even find yourself a new creative outlet!

In case you need convincing, here’s a list of some of the amazing opportunities you’ll see when you get involved in a student group. 

  1. Building your Network and Support System

First and foremost, one of the best benefits of joining a university club is the opportunity to network and meet new people. This is a fantastic chance for you to connect with like-minded individuals that you may not have met otherwise! The more you get involved, the more you forget what it was like to not have that group chat for brainstorming ideas, or those monthly meetings and movie nights in your life. Joining a club at university is also a great way to build a supportive network while you are away from home – or, in 2021, meet people virtually to hang out with when we all return to campus! 

  1. Finding a Creative Outlet

Whether you know it yet or not, joining a club will introduce you to new hobbies, and you’ll love doing something you’re passionate about! There is no doubt, you’ll enjoy being a part of the organization and having your ideas be heard. It doesn’t really matter what program you’re in, you will be able to express yourself in a creative way while still being a student. 

  1. Building your Resume in Impressive Ways

Being an active member or holding a position in a club is a great add-on to your resume! This shows employers that you are involved in your community and can balance multiple commitments. The type of club or organization will highlight your passions and values, while also illustrating your engagement working with a team of people. This is a great talking point for employers to ask in an interview and this experience will provide you with real life examples to highlight in your answers!  

So, take that chance and join the club! 

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