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Jayda Ivy: The Blogger Behind Ottawa’s Wardrobe

Do you spend hours a week scrolling through the fashion posts on Tumblr and Pinterest? While those websites are great to find fashion inspiration, it’s hard to find local users. If you’re itching to view a blog about fashion in Ottawa, then our latest #CampusCelebrity is someone you’re going to want to get to know.

Jayda Ivy (as she’s known on social media) is a first year Telfer student studying International Management. While Jayda was born in Halifax, she didn’t stay for very long. “I was born in Halifax but grew up all over Nova Scotia” Jayda told me over a cup of hot chocolate at Second Cup.  When she turned 13, she moved to the U.S Virgin Islands with her mother and since then she’s lived on the islands.

I had the pleasure of getting to know more about Jayda and her blog, Ottawa’s Wardrobe.

HC: So what are some of your interests?

Jayda: My interests include travelling, learning new languages, fashion, writing, and hard work. I really like to keep busy. So the fact that I’m an international management major and I have a fashion blog are kind of a given!

HC: What made you decide to start a blog?

Jayda: I started my blog a few months ago because when I first came to Ottawa I really wanted to know what kind of things were “in style” in Ottawa and I had no way of finding that out, really. I’ve also always been really interested in blogging, journalism, photography, and fashion, so it just seemed right!

HC: How would you describe your personal style?

J: I actually asked this question to my roommate before I came to Ottawa. I feel like style describes a person. My style is very neutral-toned (black, white, beige) clothing and I love my designer staples - my Coach and Louis Vuitton bags, jewelry, etc.

HC: Do we dress differently than students in your hometown?

J: The fashion here is so different from where I’m from! A regular day back home would be a light tank top and jean shorts.  When we’d go out, we would always dress up- always. In Ottawa I find that it’s super different from what I’m used to! I can’t exactly say if I like it or not yet … I like Miami, New York, and Los Angeles type of style, so I’m disappointed by all the sweatpants around Ottawa so far. I’m using my blog to feature the students that do dress nicely, because they are much appreciated!

HC: What are some of your favourite stores to shop at in Ottawa?

J: I can’t say that I really like shopping in Ottawa just yet. My favourite brands are Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Bebe, Aldo, Express, Victoria’s Secret, and BCBG. I really like shopping online because back home the options were pretty limited. I have had some good experiences with shopping online at ShoeDazzle though.

In Ottawa, there’s Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, department stores with nice brands (it takes some hunting though!), and of course there’s Forver21, which is a good old favourite cheap-y store!

HC: What fashion advice can you give to uOttawa students? Can you give us any tips on how to dress warmly but still cute?

J: My greatest fashion tip: hair and makeup always matters! You can wear a GORGEOUS designer dress, but without nice hair and makeup, you’ll look like a lost cause. People look at your face first and then your attire- if you have bad hair, an ugly scowl, or messy makeup then people aren’t going to care about your outfit. I see that problem a lot on campus.

As far as dressing warmly goes… beauty is pain!! No, I’m just kidding… Hypothermia is NOT worth a cute outfit. It’s not too difficult to still look cute in the winter though. Everyone- and I mean everyone- told me I wouldn’t be able to keep warm and still look cute in Ottawa (that’s one of the reasons for my blog: inspiration!).

A cute outfit can still look cute by wearing your winter essentials, which I call my Warmth List: which includes: a coat, warm socks, thick boots, a hat, mittens, scarf, and a bag. Here are my 3 biggest tips on my “Warmth List”: 

  1. Your coat is the most important piece. My favourites are pea coats because they’re the most attractive, in my opinion. But always remember to wear layers- for safety’s sake!
  2. You may not have 10 different coats, but you probably have 10 different pairs of mittens. These other pieces in the warmth list are all accessories that can add to an outfit- but they’re most important to keep you warm, so make sure to purchase a variety.
  3. Lastly- layering PANTS! I always wear a pair of leggings under my jeans if it’s below -10 so that I’ll stay warm with a wind chill.

HC: Are you involved with any other activities other than your blog?

J: I’m new to Ottawa so I’m only in two clubs. I’m the secretary of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) and the VP Philanthropy of the West Indian Student Ensemble (WISE).

HC: What are your fashion faux-pas/ what trends do you think we need to leave in 2013?

J: Everyone should leave something in the past year… for me it's shoes and for my roommate it's denim shirts. My boyfriend changes his fashion/clothes all the time but keeps true to style, and I love that about him. He loves RL polos and V-necks, but now he’s changing that up to wear more long sleeves and button-downs. So, he’s a perfect example of how you can still keep your style but change/upgrade your wardrobe.

Make sure to check out Jayda’s blog, Ottawa’s Wardrobe to read her post about our fashion show, Catwalk For The Cure!

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