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International Women’s Day — 5 Businesses Owned by Women to Support in 2020

When it comes to women’s achievements, the past few months have given us lots to celebrate. The political world saw a historic number of women running in the American Democratic Party presidential primaries. From Little Women, Hustlers, and The Farewell, female-directed movies took the world by storm and touched viewers’ hearts.


Sadly, hidden behind these good-news stories lies an uncomfortable truth. The gender wage gap, for example, needs work — even in 2020. What’s more, female business-owners were recently found to make more than fifty percent less than men.


The fight for equality — not just for women and men, but for all people and genders — is just beginning. We still have a long, tough road ahead. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying, though.


March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), and this year’s theme is Each For Equal. IWD is all about raising awareness of women’s rights issues; it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements.


Change is a process, and every small action counts. Here are 5 awesome businesses led by women that you could support this International Women’s Day.


Her Campus — This one needs no explanation!

Cheekbone Beauty — Canadian and Indigenous-owned, this is not your average beauty brand. Cheekbone’s products are bright and bold, not to mention cruelty-free!

Margaux — This brand creates comfy, classic footwear for gals on the go! If they look familiar, chances are you’ve seen a pair of Margaux flats on Insta — they’re an influencer favourite!

Rent the Runway — Get the dress without the financial mess! Rent the Runway is a service that gives you access to the coolest ‘fits at a fraction of the cost.

DriveHER — DriveHER is a ridesharing app built to empower women and foster a safe, comfortable riding experience!


Explore other female-driven organizations by visiting Women Owned or Femmebought — two initiatives aimed at promoting women’s businesses to consumers.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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