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Instagram-Worthy Places for Fall Photos in the Ottawa Area

Fall is quite possibly the most picturesque season there is. There are so many colours around, it’s mostly sunny outside, and it’s still warm enough to show off your cute sweaters for the season. It’s basically made to appreciate, but it can be hard to do that in the middle of the city.


Ottawa has so many places that look beautiful in the fall, even in the midst of downtown traffic or the suburbs. The photos look amazing and capture the loveliness that is fall in Ottawa, so much so that they are considered Instagram-worthy. Some of these places are in the heart of Ottawa, some are just a car ride away. Regardless, you’ll definitely want to go see.


Princess Louise Falls

Location: Orléans

This is a nice little piece of nature between the suburbs of Orléans and the main roads. So many people go here to take pictures for their Instagram, regardless of what time of year it is. No one can deny how beautiful the colours look in the fall.


Mer Bleue Bog Trail

Location: East of downtown Ottawa

Now, Mer Bleue is a bit of a trek for just photos. It’s a half hour drive away and there aren’t any buses that go out that way. It’s still worthwhile to go out to the trail, since you can get some amazing pictures of the nature reserve and it’s a great place to just go for a hike with some friends!


Major’s Hill Park

Location: Above the Rideau Canal

Who doesn’t love a good park? Major’s Hill Park overlooks the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River, with a very iconic view of Parliament Hill on the other side. While it looks amazing in the spring during the annual tulip festival, the park also gains beauty in the fall, making it perfect for pictures for Instagram!


Rideau Canal

Location: Downtown Ottawa

A very famous part of Ottawa, the Rideau Canal is one of the best places to take pictures for your Instagram feed. You can show the fall colours in the heart of Ottawa, while also getting to walk the length of the canal for different kinds of shots.


Byward Market


Location: Byward Market

Byward Market may not be considered Instagram-worthy in the fall since it’s in the middle of Ottawa. It doesn’t have the same kind of fall vibe as the other areas, however, the market has areas set up specifically with fall themes that many people take pictures at (even I did just last week). There are some bales of hay and pumpkins set up by The Grand, a booth with a giant pumpkin and hay to sit on, as well as booths selling pumpkins that are very aesthetically pleasing.

Visit some of these suggestions if you have time to kill! Don’t miss the fall season before it’s over. 


Second-year anthropology student at uOttawa.
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