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I spent $250 on Olehenriksen Skincare…Worth It?

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to take better care of my skin. I’ve always been pretty fortunate in having normal-ish, non-acne-prone skin. I can usually get away with removing my makeup with a makeup remover and then going to bed…which some of you guys might be shocked to hear. Yes, that’s right ladies, I am a 20-year-old woman who cannot be bothered to wash my face on a regular basis. I know that this isn’t good for my skin, but because I haven’t seen any consequences from doing so, I don’t see the point in fixing something that ain’t broke.

This was true until about three months ago. My face started breaking out more frequently, I got blackheads on my nose, my skin would randomly flare up in a rash, etc. So going into the New Year, I figured I would splurge a little at Sephora and see what the hype was around Olehenriksen. This was the brand that I chose because of Desi Perkins, a Youtuber that I adore, whose skin happens to be amazing.

Now, bear in mind that I originally went into Sephora looking for ONE toner… and left with 5 different products amounting to almost 285 dollars. After using these products consistently for about a month now, I feel like I have enough experience with them to speak about it.

My skin: Normal to dry in the winter, I have redness on my cheeks, I have one tiny little wrinkle developing on my forehead, and some deeper wrinkles on my neck.

Truth Serum $60/30mL

Described as “a powerful antiaging serum formulated with vitamin C and collagen for brightening and all-day hydration” on the Sephora website. This product in conjunction with the C-Rush brightening gel crème has been the best combo to prep my skin with before applying makeup. It gives the skin a plump, supple feel and adds a ton of moisture. The smell of the vitamin C is refreshing and not too stinky for those that are sensitive to smells. The vitamin C in this gives my skin such a beautiful, natural glow and refreshes my tired looking skin. I’ve been using this product every day for the last month and would definitely re-purchase it!Dark Spot Toner $34/190mL

I’ve now used this toner for about 25 days consecutively (congrats me!) and I can say that I definitely notice less hyper-pigmentation on my face, something that I honestly wasn’t even aware of before I tried this product! My skin now is so even in terms of color and brightness; there’s reduced pigmentation in beauty marks and dark scarring. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has hyper-pigmentation, dark acne spots, and sun damage.

Sheer Transformation Perfect Moisturizer $48/50mL

Now this is the one product that I feel hasn’t made the biggest impact on me (or maybe it has?). Because I use so many of the products together, sometimes I’m not even sure what product is producing what effect on my face. In the description for the “3 Little Wonders Mini” value set on Sephora, Olehenriksen advises using Truth Serum, followed by this moisturizer, and finally the Invigorating Night Transformation Gel. Because I use this product as recommended with the other two serums, I haven’t noticed too many benefits but it adds a ton of moisture to my skin, which I desperately need during the cold winter months.

C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème $52/50mL

If I could only re-purchase two products, it would probably be this one and the Truth Serum. This lotion has single-handedly changed the way my face looks, feels, and the way that I apply my makeup. My skin becomes so moisturized and glowy with this product that I don’t even use highlighter anymore because of the natural shine that it gives my skin. My concealer and foundation apply so much smoother because of the moisture that this product provides. I use this product in the morning and find that it instantly gives my skin a refresh, especially on days that I didn’t get enough sleep. Cannot say enough good things about this product. Looking forward to trying more from the vitamin C infused line!

Invigorating Night Transformation Gel $58/50mL

I believe that this product has completely removed any trace of a wrinkle from my forehead. I’ve had this pesky little micro-wrinkle linger on my forehead since high school but now I can say I’ve finally defeated it, all thanks to this gel. In addition, the appearance of wrinkles on my neck have substantially decreased because I apply this gel generously all over my face and well down my neck. Compared to the Truth Serum, they have very similar packaging, however, this formula is more gel-like.

Overall, the two big winners for me were the Truth Serum and the C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème and I would most likely re-purchase the Dark Spot Toner. All of these products have totally changed my skin and the way that I look at skincare. It’s definitely a splurge but as my mom always says, your skin remembers everything. My skin now has way more even pigmentation, the texture is completely smooth, I feel hydrated and plump like a little baby and the best thing is I get to wear less makeup because of how amazing my skin has been looking lately!

For the ladies who’ve hesitated to buy these products because of the price tag, do it anyway! Your skin deserves it! The money you spend on skincare is ultimately money you save in the long run.

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I'm an English major, Communications minor student in my fourth year at University of Ottawa.
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