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Being single is one of the most complex things a person can be, especially in a world full of situationships. I think in today’s dating age being truly single is very uncommon. I mean being fully single; no talking stages, no situations, etc. For myself I have always naturally been single, I don’t usually seek people out, and I’ve only had two “boyfriends” in my nineteen years of life. Being single is not for the weak but here are three simple tips as a professional single person to enjoy it.

As a single person, the fear of being alone forever sets in, but I am not alone. The first tip would be to still have your emotional support person (that is not your mom or dad.). For me, my emotional support person is my best friend. If I’m having a bad day, I text her. I text her if I’m bored in line or need to empty my thoughts to someone. So for those of you who miss having a boyfriend simply for being able to text someone all day, find yourself a friend who will deal with your crazy delusions, anger episodes or mid-day breakdowns.

The second tip is to make life exciting and fun in other ways. If you can’t bring relationship drama to your friend’s social table do other things that make life exciting. Start a new job, create a small business, begin a new hobby, or try something new and unexpected. No one likes to be boring or to feel like the boring one out of their friends. This isn’t to say that if you don’t have dating stories your life is boring but as someone who enjoys relationship gossip I know the feeling of being left out of the discussion.

My third tip is to enjoy being single. Enjoy the feeling of being 100% selfish. Spend your money how you want, talk to who you want and be who you want. There is this quote I have seen on TikTok (I won’t lie) but you really never know the last time you will be single. You could meet someone tomorrow, fall in love and be happy forever. So take advantage of being able to be selfish now. DO WHAT YOU WANT, you don’t need to worry about the commitment to another person or another person’s feelings to consider when making life decisions.

Being single is a great time to discover yourself and become a person outside of your relationships. If anything the new Barbie movie has taught me is you need to be your own person, with your own ending and your own goals. This even applies to all the Kens. Being single is hard and that fear after a relationship of “am I ever going to find another person” is real but at the same time enjoy the uncertain state that your life is currently in. The more you enjoy it, the more fun you will have.

Eloisa is a current Philosophy student at the University of Ottawa. She loves drinking iced oat lattes, making playlists, watching movies and going to the gym.