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It’s the time of year where many of us will be getting the invites to the classic “ugly holiday sweater” parties. Now, as fashionistas, we can’t simply accept the ugly aspect of this type of themed festive fiesta. So, here are two ways to make those ugly holiday sweaters keep up with your awesome aesthetic.

1. House/Dinner Party
Now, there are many varieties to this type of “ugly holiday sweater” party. The first type of festivity is a house/dinner party with your friends and family. This kind of party comes with a bit more freedom to dress up. So, the perfect pairing for your ugly holiday sweater is a cute skater skirt, knee-high socks, and booties. Then finish it off with some sparkly bling, similar to the lights or ornaments that surround this season.

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2. Work/Office Party
The second type of party is the classic office or work party. This occasion requires a bit more conservative flare. Now these parties can differ on formality, but for most retail and even office jobs, pairing your holiday sweater with a pair of slim cut trousers or disco pants would suit the occasion perfectly. Add a blouse underneath for some extra sass and finish it with a  pair of black or metallic pumps.

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Holiday parties are the perfect time to gather around good food, great music, and a festive atmosphere with your friends, co-workers, and family. You can dress festively at any level you desire. The above outfits give you a couple of guidelines to help you through the holidays.  


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