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Sporting the perfect pout is no easy task! For something that seems so simple, it sure is difficult, especially with bold colours that instantly smear everywhere. Specifically, the berry colour that is very popular this Fall. Over the years, I have learned some tricks on how to apply lipstick so those lips of yours are always looking good and your lip colour lasts all day long!

Number One: After applying your lip balm, take a lip liner shade close to the colour lipstick you are using, outline your lip, and then mark an "X" at the top of your lip. This makes is easier not to go out of the lines. For even more lasting power, fill in your whole bottom lip with lip liner and then put the lipstick on top of that. 



Number Two: At one point, we have all gone out of the lines of our lips while putting lipstick on. When this happens, take a thin brush with a little concealer and blend it into the spot where your lipstick smeared. This will cover everything up making the lines of your lips look sharp. 



Number Three: After you have applied the lipstick, take a thin tissue and put it softly against your lips. Then, with a soft fluffy brush dipped in setting powder, softly dust it over the tissue. This makes your lipstick look more matte and last a lot longer than it normally would.


These three tips have helped me to successfully apply lipstick and have it last all day! I have picked up these tricks over the years and have used them multiple times! I hope you all enjoy creating your new perfect pout!

Got any more quick tips on how YOU apply your lisptick. collegiates? Share them with us-we'd love to hear them!

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My name is Jaclyn Friedlich. I am 19 years old, and currently finishing up my first year in communications at uOttawa! I have been living in Ottawa for the last 15 years and I am so happy to have stayed here for university as well!
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