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Hey Holly: Helping My Friend Find Prince Charming

Hey Holly,

How do I tell my friend that she’s not going to find the “tall, dark and handsome” love that she’s desperate for, if she’s out clubbing every weekend in skimpy dresses and then showing up to class un-showered, sweaty, and wearing sports gear?

A concerned friend


Dear Concerned Friend,

It sounds like you’re frustrated with your friend’s wishes not matching her actions; she says she wants one thing, but then you see her go out and do another. As her friend you have to respect her decision to go clubbing in as much or as little clothing as she wishes, as well as her choice to wear sweats to her classes.

What you can do is offer her other options for activities that may give her a reason to present herself in a manner that may draw the right kind of boys to her. If you make a fun dinner date with her where the both of you get dressed and ready together it will show that you are actively trying to help her with her romance goals, in an encouraging way. By going out to dinner or having a coffee study date, you can try to show her that the best way to meet the boys she’s seeking is through putting your best foot forward in circumstances where there’s no loud music and drunk people, or half-awake students furiously taking notes.

Hope this helps, and good luck!




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