The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There are some things that are just classically Christmas: snow, decorations, Mariah Carey, and most importantly Christmas sweaters. Whether you’re going for a classic one or a fun slogan sweater, there is a sweater for everyone! Here are some ways to style it according to your personality.

If you’re into minimalistic style:

You naturally go for a simple fashion piece in your regular day and you just want a little Christmas incorporation into your aesthetic. Go for an easy pattern or even a solid Christmas colour and add a pair of skinny jeans

Where to go: Gap, Old Navy

If your humor is more on the punny side:

You like keeping things fun and nothings more fun than a joke sweater your grandma’s bound to not understand. Paired with a simple pair of black leggings keeps you warm and cozy and keeps the focus on your sweater for all your relatives to judge.

Where to go: Tipsy Elves

If you’re not a fan of bright colours:

You’re not scrooge per say but green and red have never been your colours. Still showcase that Christmas spirit with holiday sweaters in muted or darker colour. Keep a structured look with leather pants.

Where to go: H & M, JC Penny

If you keep things trendy & classy: 

You’re always up to date on the latest trend and Christmas is just another day to showcase your sense of style. Go for more of a fashion statement by pairing it with a stylish skirt.

Where to go: Zara


I hope that these sweater ideas put you in the Christmas mood and help with your holiday outfits! 


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