Girl’s Guide to Lingerie

It’s Valentine’s Day and – love it or hate it – it’s one of the sexiest days of the year. Nothing feels sexier than slipping on some silky or lacy lingerie, single or taken. Lingerie heightens your confidence and sensuality. It can be worn in many ways, more than simply by itself in the bedroom. Lingerie isn’t implicitly tied to doing the deed, although it does add to the experience in some cases. Lingerie can help you to see yourself in a sexy light, which isn’t always easy for everyone. Wearing lingerie under your power suit during a presentation can give you that added boost of confidence. It can also be worn under see-through t-shirts as a means of adding texture. No matter the intent, buying your first set of lingerie can be daunting. It can be expensive and sometimes a bit intense. Lingerie ranges from delicate, simple lace nighties to full-on leather corsets with garter belts. When diving into the world of lingerie all judgement should be removed and it should be seen as a journey into your sensuality. Learning what styles suit your unique body and personality and where to find the right kind at the right price will make buying lingerie a bit easier.

1. Shapes, Sizes and Style
Lingerie comes in all shapes, sizes and styles and there is something for everyone in the wide world of lingerie brands. With the much-needed explosion of body positivity there has been a paralleled explosion of lingerie shops for every body type out there! Everybody deserves to feel sexy. There are so many different styles, colors and fabrics of lingerie that there is something for everyone. Each set highlights a different part of the body and sets a different tone. In terms of style, there are different types of lingerie that work on different types of bodies and personalities. If you want to hide a bit more of your stomach, choose a two-piece lingerie set with a baby doll top or a lacy nightie. Are you feeling your bootie? Then go for a G-string and a matching top. The fun part of lingerie is although they are typically sold in sets, Lingerie can be played around with, and can be mix and matched. From pasties to corsets and G-strings to boy shorts, the plurality of lingerie allows you to build up a serious collection. In addition to shape of the sexy garments, each set has its own style. There is lingerie that suits every alluring atmosphere. The style of lingerie can be: girly and frilly, lacy and delicate, fun and playful, and edgy and strappy. Whether it ends up on the floor, in the laundry basket or back in a drawer, the variety of lingerie makes for a sexy style experiment.

2. When it Comes to the Price Tag
Despite lingerie’s abilities to make you feel sexy and confident and its wide variety of styles, there is one downside to the lacy fun – the price tag. Perhaps it is due to the design intensity or to its luxury, but lingerie tends to be expensive. A baby doll top and thong from Victoria Secret can be $50. The price range makes justifying a (usually) one-time use item difficult and makes it easy to rack up quite the bill. With the widening variety of options in terms of where to buy lingerie, this price tag can be avoidable within reason. It is nearly impossible to find high quality lingerie for under $20, but considering these pieces can be collected and never go out of style there is valid reason for spending a couple extra dollars. Now despite being a logical splurge, some lingerie prices verge on the exaggerated, so it is super important to look around before dishing it out. One of the great benefits of online shopping is that you can do this market research within the comfort of your own home before heading out to the mall, and you can even wear lingerie while doing it.

3. Where to Shop
A new lingerie shop pops up everyday and ranges on style and price. There is a store for every girl and price range. On the top end of price there are a couple of signature places to shop and each has their own pros and cons.
For Love and Lemons: These delicate lace delights start at $100, but they are all the rage on Instagram.
ASOS: They have everything on here and their selection of lingerie is no different. There is a range of prices, but they tend to be on the higher end.

Not all of us are willing to drop the cash for such minimal fabric, especially if our focus is on building a collection. There are stores spread across the lower end of the price range with a variety of appeals.
Victoria’s Secret: You can find all kinds of beautiful pieces here and at many different prices points. Plus the VS Fashion Show provides the perfect kind of inspiration.
La Vie en Rose: Following a similar price range to VS, La Vie en Rose is a bit sweeter in nature.
Hips and Curves: This brand is for the curvilicious ladies out there and all their pieces are super affordable. From bedroom costumes to simple bra and panties, they have everything for every curvy lady.
Adore Me: Take the quiz to find your perfect set and get your first set for $20!

Lingerie is for everyone and makes every girl feel sexy and confident. It’s an opportunity to experiment with your sensual side and add some spice to any date this Valentine’s Day.

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