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Getting in Bed with an Exchange Student

The new semester is starting, and with that come new classes, new experiences, and new exchange students looking for their fill of the Canadian university experience.  Along with their culture, they bring their alluring accents, which alone bumps them up on the attractiveness scale. 

The fact that these students are most likely leaving at the end of the semester shouldn’t hold you back from dating them, but here is the lowdown on what you should consider.

CON: Their physical presence will have an expiry date

Is it wrong to be with someone who will be here only for a limited time?  Absolutely not! The question to consider should be ‘is it wrong to fall in love with someone you know will only be around for a limited time?’.  Again, the answer is no, but a heartache is inevitable.  Only you can know for certain if you are ready to deal with the heartache when the student flies home, and the relationship ends, knowing you will probably never see them again.  That being said, at least there will be no worries about accidentally running into them in the hallways, grocery store, or anywhere else.

On that note, the relationship doesn’t have to end because one partner is leaving the country – long distance relationships exist!  The biggest issue with this, is that when you break-up, it is likely you will not get back together.  Once they hop on a plane back home, there will not be a chance to properly talk things over.  That, and there may not be much point.  This means you might not get any form of closure.

PRO: They can help you re-discover your city

Living in one city for so long can blind you from the beauty, and the activities that take place there.   Touring with your foreign partner can re-open your eyes to the things that you would normally ignore, since travelling can help you experience new things.

The National Gallery often changes their exhibits, and offers talks, and workshops.  Parading through Confederation Park can remind you of how much history is beautifully displayed in statues and monuments.  Even walking around the Byward Market, you can be reminded of how fabulous the specialty shops, and cafés are!

While you are enjoying showing off your city to your partner, don’t forget your own responsibilities to academics, your job, or your domestic friends.

PRO: International Man of Mystery

What is more alluring than a sexy accent?  The mystery that is their life!  There is so much to be learnt about your partner, and for them to learn about you.  There will never be a moment where there is nothing to talk about. 

Keeping the mystery in mind, it also means that there is pretty much a 100% chance that they have not hooked up with one of your friends.  You are in the clear of any of that sort of awkwardness!  

CON: Lost in translation

Whether you speak English, or French, that may not be their first language.  With their accent, or lack of vocab, communication may be complicated.  Not only might it be difficult to understand each other, but you also risk insulting your foreign beau.  Remember they are trying their best to communicate effectively with you, and you wouldn’t want them to feel embarrassed. 

Having a relationship with an exchange student can be as fun as it is educational, but it may be best to keep things simple.  This helps reduce the risk of any serious heartache for both parties. Make the right decisions for yourself first and foremost.  Take these factors into account, keep it simple, and have lots of fun!


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