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Flowers Other Than Roses to Gift This Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air. It seems like everything is covered in a red and chocolate haze. This also means that lots of people will be buying or receiving (or both!) flowers this month. The most obvious choice for Valentine’s Day flowers is roses, of course, and while these flowers are popular for a reason, they can also be way too overused. It’s time to change things up—so let this be the year we use different kinds of flowers in our love day bouquets. 


Keeping with the theme of love and romance, peonies are an excellent alternative to roses. They symbolize love, romance, beauty, happiness, and more. Peonies are a popular flower and they’re easy to maintain, so for my fellow non-green thumbs, this is a great flower to have. They’re also very pretty and come in many different colours like white, pink, and red.


I didn’t know about this flower before writing this article, but now I’m sold. This flower features a unique pattern of petals in circles, which is a little different from the usual flowers given for Valentine’s Day. These flowers are all about attraction, and even charisma, radiance, and romance. If you’d like to give your loved one a type of flower they might have not received or even seen before, look for ranunculus!


Is there anything more joyful than the sunflower? If you’re going more along the route of Galentine’s this year, this is a perfect flower to give to friends. Yellow is the colour of friendship, so it only makes sense to gift these to your pals. As well, the message behind giving sunflowers is loyalty, longevity, and even adoration—the perfect message to send to your friends.

Flowers are a lovely thing to give and get, and it’s nice to change things up every once in a while and go with flowers that aren’t as conventional as the red rose. If you’re gifting any the flowers we’ve mentioned, it’ll make the person to whom you’re giving them feel special. If none of the flowers mentioned stand out for you, we hope that this article at least inspired you to look for different flowers this Valentine’s Day!

Sally Adil

U Ottawa '25

Sally is a third year Biomedical Science student at uOttawa. When she's not studying, she's reading romcoms and watching k-dramas.