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Feelings about Cold and Flu Season: Explained through GIFs

When you first come back to class in September, you are excited to begin your school year. You want to learn something new, see your friends, party a little, and obviously get that one step closer to graduating. 

But then, your excitement comes to a screeching halt. Why? Because you hear it.  

Quickly, you whip around to subtly detect the source.

You think to yourself:


But quickly, other people begin to get sick 

and you begin to recreate your strategy to avoid getting sick. Whether it is by

or by 

or even 

you will do all that you can to avoid getting sick when assignments are coming due, midterms are being tested, and presentations are being presented. 

Sadly, these strategies are not 100% foolproof, and you can in fact, still get sick. 

The smart thing to do in order not to get others infected is by staying home, 

getting lots of rest,

drinking loads of fluids,

and letting people know if you can’t make it to something. Rescheduling appointments or assignments (a doctor’s note makes life easier), 

and seeing the doctor if you seriously do not feel well. 

Unlike the majority of the population, some of us in the Collegiette community (namely me), do not have an autoimmune system that is as capable of fighting off things like colds or flus. 

They depend on a variety of tricks, including staying home, to avoid getting sick. 

Because if they do get sick, their illness can be more serious and result in more complications, longer recovery time, and even life-threatening scenarios. What can you do to help them? It’s really easy actually! All you need to do is get the flu shot! These people with low immune systems depend on herd immunity in order to not get sick. When more people are vaccinated against the flu shot, the better a chance the vulnerable amongst us have of not getting seriously sick. Check out your local health line to find out where flu shot clinics are happening near you, or call your family doctor to find out more about the flu shot!

Roksolana, or Roksi to basically everyone, is working on her 5th year in her Bachelor of Social Science specializing in Political Science with a minor in Linguistics. When she is not working on assignments, she can be found training her cat, knitting for her Etsy shop, writing articles on disability rights activism, or reading a book. You will always find her with a cup of tea in hand, mom advice, and the determination to make the world a more accessible place to live.
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