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Fashion Week Underdogs

The fashion runways to watch aren’t only in New York, London, and Paris. Although these mega popular Fashion Weeks have recently ended – until next season of course, there are many others worth paying attention to.

As the mainstream fashion industry continually comes under fire for a lack of diversity on runways and instances of cultural appropriation, I find it’s best to branch out of these familiar scenes and search for inspiration around the world. These lesser known Fashion Weeks challenge the norm, showcase local designers, and introduce some new faces killin’ the street style game. These shows prove you don’t have to wear crazy things or pull stunts like wearing models as accessories (Rick Owens, What’s good?) to stand out and be fashion forward. Here are my top 3 “Weeks” to look out for.


Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, is quickly emerging as a trend setting hot spot. Featuring a bold, eclectic array of looks mixed with more traditional Korean styles such as the Hanbok, Korea boasts an innovative fashion scene. Not only a great spot for women’s fashion, the menswear is in my opinion, exquisite. Korea’s fashionistas are certainly ready to take the fashion world by storm. Seoul Fashion Week takes place October 16-21 when the Spring/Summer collections will be presented.


São Paulo Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in Latin America. Brazil, being home to supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Alessandra Ambrosio has helped make this Fashion Week one of the largest in the world. Featuring amazing Brazilian brands like, Colcci, Osklen, and Triya, it's definitely one to watch out for– especially for sexy swimwear. São Paulo is also at the forefront in terms of diversity on the runways. In 2009 São Paulo Fashion Week boldly established a minimum 10% quota for black and indigenous models. Ever since, their runways have been more diverse. Take note, New York!

Look out for winter collections in São Paulo November 2015.


The first ever Arab Fashion week will be taking place in Dubai from November 1-4. Arab designers representing 22 Arabic countries, all from Africa to the Middle East will showcase their designs. If Dubai fashion week is anything to go by, I expect to see a mix of cultural staples such as hijabs mixed with high fashion couture looks. (Photos above are from Dubai Fashion Week)


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Hi there! I am Bolu Erinoso, currently a 4th year Communications student obsessed with all things media, fashion, and beauty related. I love to read, write and recently started a personal style website at www.whimsicalsoles.com with my fellow HerCampus writer Nancy.
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