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Name: Emily Smalling

Program: Honours in Biochemistry with a specialization in microbiology and immunology

Year: Fourth Year

Hometown: Sauga City, Toronto (Mississauga) 

Her Campus uOttawa: Do you like your hometown?
Emily Smailling : I really want to be involved with the community back at home. I want to be the mayor. My mom laughs at me but I’m serious! 

HCuO: How much do you like Ottawa compared to Mississauga?
ES: Not very much. It’s not homey to me… I like the University of Ottawa and I like the fact that there are many events going on, but to me I’d like to live where I am most comfortable, which is back in Mississauga.

HCuO: What’s your favourite part about your program?
ES: I love how diverse it is. Biochemistry is a lot of how we live. It’s to do with all of these options that can put you in any situation you want. All of these different job opportunities are available when I graduate.

HCuO: What are your hobbies?
ES: I don’t really have time for hobbies but Netflix is a different story. I’m binge watching Gothem and Narcos simultaneously and I love them. I’m [also] on Tindr. I actually have an Instagram account dedicated to bad online messages I get from guys. It’s a fun hobby. Instagram is my favourite social media, though. Memes every day.

HCuO: If you could do anything differently during your four years of education, what would it be?
ES: I probably would’ve built good habits in first year. I’m really shy when it comes to class in terms of going to office hours and asking questions in class. I think doing those things more in first year would’ve helped me more in later years.

HCuO: What are you most proud of in regards to your time here at uOttawa?
ES: I’ve been elected as biochemistry representative in the SSA (Science Student Association) two years in a row. I was a guide in 101 week for two years, which was an amazing experience! I love 101 week so much. My involvements with the science students have really made my education a great one.

HCuO: Are you excited to graduate?
ES: Yes and no. Graduating means I did well and I get to move on with my life, but it means I have to leave behind Ottawa and my friends. It’s going against the unknown. I don’t know how to be an ‘adult’ yet, so it’s a little scary moving onto this next step. I’m going to be applying to post-grad programs, which makes me nervous. I have to make sure to think of backup plans.

HCuO: Ideally, what would you like to do in the next five years?
ES: My goal is to have a condo in Toronto and be on top of everything. You know… like drive a mustang.

HCuO: While living in Ottawa, what are your favourite places ranging from places to eat to cafes ?
ES: I love La Maison; I’m always there. I also really like the Museum of Civilization and Warehouse because who doesn’t like free food. Pure Kitchen is also awesome because I get a discount and I’m vegetarian! 

HCuO: Concerning dating here in Ottawa, as a veteran, what is your advice to new women starting university?
ES: Don’t… okay though, if I were giving a girl looking up to me advice, I’d say you shouldn’t let guys who don’t treat you right make you give up on love. I’ve had to remind myself that many times, but as for guys anywhere really, I’d say that it’s difficult to find the right one, so you shouldn’t give up that you can. 



Sources: All photos were provided by Emily Smalling


Jesse Lesniowski, a 22 year-old student at uOttawa in the Environmental Science program. Loves writing, gardening, coffee, wine and making new memories.
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