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The Eco Equitable Boutique: Recycling Fabric. Changing Lives

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Ottawa chapter.

Nestled just inside Vanier on McArthur Avenue is a boutique unlike any other. The Eco Equitable Boutique sells women’s fashion accessories made from 100% recycled fabric made by newly immigrated women looking to enter the Canadian workforce. 

Textiles are the largest growing sector of waste in our landfills. It can take up to 40 years for fabric to fully decompose, all the while releasing toxic chemicals and emissions into the environment. Using this problem as a solution the Eco Equitable boutique takes donations on an on-going basis to make all of their products sold in-store. 

The best thing about this boutique? Our very own Gee-Gee’s are overseeing the operations! Enactus uOttawa, a socially conscious entrepreneurship club on campus, are aiding in the business management. “I wanted to be part of something I’m passionate about”, said co-project manager Tina Liusun, “Eco Equitable seemed like the perfect fit!”

Open since February 2014 the Eco Equitable boutique is truly a unique spot to shop in Ottawa and provides a strong connection between the consumer and the artisanal creators in every product. From “e-finity” scarves, to clutches, cute handbags and jewelry it has something for every eco-conscious collegiette!

The Eco Equitable Boutique can be found on the 14 route on OC Transpo, or at 404 McArthur Avenue in Vanier.

They are open;

Monday- Thursday 9am-5pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Be sure to check out their shopify store here!

Shevaun is in her fourth and final year as an international development student at the University of Ottawa. West coast born and raised she's often found practicing yoga and sipping on some green tea. Easily enticed by anything fair trade or ethical she's always on the hunt for the latest and greatest coffee shops or local boutiques. As the editor for the news section, if you're a gee-gee on campus with a story to tell or an event needing coverage, be sure to get in contact!