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Drink, Drank, Drunk – The Dangers of Binge Drinking

With the school year ready to take off in only a few days, many of us are looking forward to the parties and events that come with the new semester. Catching up with friends and going out have always been an intricate part of returning to campus. However, many of these events also include the consumption of alcohol.

With the University of Ottawa conveniently located near Gatineau, where the drinking age is 18, students of all ages are expected to partake in various events involving the consumption of alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, these are the top five reasons why you should think twice before over-consuming:

1.      The Physical Effects On Your Body

Binge Drinking takes a toll on your body. Though there is a variety of related illnesses that result from the overconsumption of alcohol, one of the most dangerous is alcohol poisoning. Since alcohol directly affects your central nervous system, its overconsumption can lead to the slowing of both your breathing and heart rate.  This, tied with the fact that alcohol directly affects your gag reflex, means the more alcohol you consume, the more risk you put yourself at. Drinking too much can result in loss of bodily functions, severe dehydration and a serious risk of choking on your own puke. Alcohol poisoning can also lead to death.

2.      The Threat to Your Own Safety

When you become extremely intoxicated, you lose control over yourself. You become dizzy, dehydrated, tired, and often lose your sense of judgement. This can result in a serious threat to your own safety. While you may feel a sense of security with your friends around, you should never place yourself in a situation where you are not able to take care of yourself. Sexual assault and physical harm are always a possibility, and the more you drink the more you put yourself at risk.

3.      The Threat to Other People’s Safety

When you binge drink you make stupid decisions that can harm not only you but also those around you. Having that extra drink is never worth risking the injury or death of others. Many people have lost loved one due to decisions made by those who were heavily intoxicated.  Having a buzz is never worth ending someone’s life.

4.      The Effects on your School work

Drinking heavily can and will affect your performance in school. While having fun at university is an important part of the experience, doing your best academically is also important. Though going out and drinking a lot may seem like a fun thing to do, no one is going to have sympathy when your marks are affected by it.

5.      The Embarrassment of it All

When you binge drink, things get sloppy fast. You puke, you soil yourself, and more often than not there is always someone there all too eager to record it. Do yourself a favour and just avoid the embarrassment. Your friends, family and Facebook newsfeed will all thank you later.

So when you out celebrating the beginning of the new school year remember to think twice before having that extra drink. Fun times are headed your way!


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Sarah Kirby is a fourth year Joint Honours BA History and Political Science student at the University of Ottawa. Born and raised in Southwestern Ontario, Sarah now is proud to call Ottawa home. Sarah is also proud to be the Editor of News for the 2014-2015 Her Campus UOttawa Team.
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