Designer Fashion at Affordable Prices!

Fashionistas, get ready for the most amazing thing to come to the fashion universe since printed leggings!

To the “one time wearer”, finding a dress for the odd social event or a fancy outfit to “that one dinner party I just HAVE to go to”, can be the ultimate pain in your butt. If you’re always looking for something different than what the repetitive boutiques offer, searching for the perfect outfit can be about as enjoyable as a root canal. Can you hear the drill?

Well, look no further! Quite possibly one of the greatest revelations in the fashion world would be the invention of “lending” sites.

The fashion gods have heard our bellows of despair and answered our prayers. By “lending” us their insurmountable myriad of clothing…at an attractive discount, I’d say now would be the time to fall in love!

Rent a Designer Dress Online

One can find such treasures online, at sites like Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway offers customers the ability to surf through a huge collection of designer dresses and literally rent them. The dresses/formal attire are offered at significant discounts, and, I mean, where ELSE are you going to find Monique Lhullier for less than $300?

Unfortunately, this site does not offer shipping to Canada yet, but the concept is all the rage within New York and Los Angeles. However, we do have our own version of a lending site: Rent, Frock, Repeat! Rent, Frock, Repeat allows Canadian customers to select outfits from quality designers such as Badgley Mischka, Cynthia Rowley and Farrah Khan! Founded by Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber, the ladies believe that “fashion isn’t just isn’t just about owning stuff: it’s about walking into a room knowing you look good. The right dress can change everything.” Their goal is to help you find that perfect outfit to make you feel stunning and glamorous!

So, what are you waiting for? Time to search for the perfect gown from the comfort of your own home! Once you find a dress you like, place your order. Rent, Frock, Repeat will ship it straight to your house, along with a back up size to ensure you get the best fit. You’ll be ready to attend that special event in a unique designer dress for a fraction of its actual price. We guarantee all your friends will be wondering how you were able to afford such a classy outfit. When you’re done with the dress, just put it in the pre-paid envelope they provide you with, and send the dress back to Rent, Frock, Repeat. It’s that simple!

 May I offer you a side of Versace?

If you prefer to make your clothing selections in person, rather than online, Carolyn’s Couture Closet, located on Elgin Street in downtown Ottawa, is a nifty boutique offering a selection of clothing you can borrow, wear and return. Headed by Carolyn Greathead, the store has an extensive selection of beautiful clothing that is specially designed for the “one-time wearer”. If you’re the girl who just can’t make up her mind, this is definitely the place to go!

Ms. Greathead rents out her own designer outfits to customers, with the motivation to satisfy students. Obviously, we students are drowning in financial debt, but we still have lots of fancy events to attend. And, hey, who doesn’t want to look nice while saving money at the same time?

Thanks to these fabulous options, we now have an even greater opportunity to express ourselves through clothing.  It’s like “Fashion: Unrated”. Because so much in life is taken at face value, the option of style should not.

Take chances, be brave and stay beautiful! And don’t forget to rock out in your new frocks!

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