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Dear Gentle Reader, Bridgerton Season 3 is On it’s Way

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Ah yes, it is about time the upcoming diamond of the season be revealed to the dear ton. Do be patient, as Lady Whistledown always uncovers her most valuable gossip during the most appropriate occasion. I am quite certain that since the previous season, she must have a few new tricks up her sleeve…especially in the scandal-prone grounds of high society London. What will she deem as the remarkable coup of this upcoming season?

With the release of season 3 of Bridgerton on May 16th, this author wonders what else the Regency-era, romantic drama has to offer. More balls filled with young ladies and lords, and ambitious mamas? A continued look into the lives of the viscount and viscountess? Will the courtship of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton absolutely enrapture us all? Or perhaps another, less suspected Bridgerton will find someone who captures their heart.

The details and predictions are endless so let’s pick up where we left off.

Recap – Season 2

If it’s been a while since you watched Bridgerton, the season finale highlights include:

  • Eloise finding out that Penelope is actually Lady Whistledown, which obviously ruins their friendship, as well as Eloise’s relationship with Theo (the boy who works at the printing shop).
  • Viscount Anthony Bridgerton proposing to Kate Sharma at the Featherington ball (quite literally one of my favourite moments between these two).
  • Lady Featherington informing Jack Featherington that he must leave (plus takes a large sum of his money).
  • Benedict finding out he got into art school due to his brother Anthony’s donation, and feeling shocked and upset.
  • Penelope overhearing Colin tell his friends that he would never, ever court her! (I guess we’ll see about that).

Predictions – Season 3

If you’re following @bridgertonnetflix on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve taken a peak at the short teasers and interview videos that are breaking the internet. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t mind that a complete trailer has not been posted because I like the anticipation and build-up of excitement. The short and sweet clips that have been slowly emerging are perfect, because they leave me to imagine the rest of each character’s story. I have not read the books, as I have been hearing that the show takes some different turns and is overall more engaging. I’m usually one to say “Read the book before watching the movie!,” but Bridgerton blew me away so much that I completely disregarded the books (still love you queen Julia Quinn!). I’d love to explore the books eventually and delve into Quinn’s point of view.

Anyway, based on the previous season, the short clips released thus far, as well as some investigation into what people on Reddit are saying, I have come up with a few predictions of my own.

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Penelope will try to Fix her Friendship with Eloise

I honestly think Eloise will not expose Penelope to the ton, but will continue to be upset with her. However, I do anticipate that Eloise will reveal Lady Whistledown to Colin right before he courts Penelope, or perhaps even earlier. Meanwhile, Lady Whistledown will continue to write, delivering the usual gossip and maybe even writing good things about Eloise in an attempt to mend their friendship. For instance, writing about why it shouldn’t matter if someone in high society, such as Eloise, falls in love with someone in the lower working class, like Theo.

Colin Will Help Penelope FInd a Husband

As seen in one of the teaser clips, Penelope ‘compliments’ Colin’s eyes, using him as practice for when she meets a real suitor. This leaves Colin completely dumbfounded and quite literally shook. It’s going to take a lot until Penelope forgives him for what he said at the end of last season. In short, I think Colin will help Penelope (as a friend) to find a suitable husband, but will eventually end up falling for her.

Anthony and Kate will get more scenes

I absolutely love the on-screen chemistry between Antony and Kate. I just know that they will get a few more scenes because their courtship at the end of season 2 was quite rushed. In addition, the brief clip of the couple dancing at a ball just goes to show how in love they are. Side note—Kate’s dress is stunning and I couldn’t help but notice the more cultural elements of her accessories and fabric patterns. I feel like this season we will see her more carefree and comfortable.

Penelope will Help her mother

Now that Jack Featherington has been sent away by Lady Featherington, the family will still be in financial trouble and therefore unable to maintain their lavish lifestyle. Penelope, probably guilt-stricken by the mockery she made of her family, will give her earnings from Lady Whistledown to her mother. As for revealing her cover, I do not exactly know if she will cleverly come up with a lie or just tell her mother the truth. If she does tell her mother the truth, Penelope might be freer to dress and act the way she wants, as her mother will only be so eager to get her married and sent away from London to avoid more scandals.

The other Bridgertons find love

I’ve been reading that the book actually matches Eloise with Marina Thompson’s husband Sir Philip Crane, but I believe Eloise’s love for Theo will remain strong. As for Benedict, I still think his carefree and immature nature will continue into season 3 as he explores his love interests and keeps his position at the art academy. Then, he will meet Sophie Beckett at a masquerade ball and begin to be serious about settling down (as mentioned in the books). Lastly, Francesca—the next girl up in the Bridgerton line-up—will begin attending balls in an attempt to find her perfect match. Although this season will be focused around Penelope and Colin, I do believe it is also the season of wallflowers and these little side stories always add something extra (which I love).

In conclusion

No matter what this new season of Bridgerton gives excited viewers, I know it will be filled with love, diversity, action—and of course, a little bit of scandal. I’m already in awe with Penelope’s style change, which includes her hair being down (not exactly proper for that era) and the different colours and styles of her gowns. Also, the Bridgerton ‘glow-up’ that the male lead gets each season is really evident on Colin—just take a look at this picture.

I hope you, dear reader, enjoy this next season of Bridgerton <3

Tamar Bedrosyan

U Ottawa '27

Tamar is a first-year student studying Biomedical Science at the University of Ottawa. Besides writing and reading, she enjoys turning absolutely anything into an aesthetic and discovering new music.