Couple Cuties: Vichael

Her Campus uOttawa proudly gives this couple the ship name Vichael!

Names: Vincent Mousseau and Michael Connolly

They have been dating for about a year, and met at SFUO Pride Week's Queereoke.

Graduating class:

VM: 2016 (It's complicated)

MC: 2016


VM: Toronto, ON

MC: Calgary, Alberta


VM: Honors BSocSc, specialization in Political Science

MC: Joint Honours in History and Political Science

First date story:

VM: We met up for coffee after class. We were walking around the ByWard Market and the Parliament Hill area for quite a bit. As we were watching the sunset on the Ottawa River, Mike kept getting closer to me in an attempt to kiss me or hold my hand, but I was pretty shy and kept acting oblivious. We then went out for a drink at the Highlander, where we decided that this would be our first date, and we mutually expressed that we were interested in having another. Long story short, we hung out and were talking until around 1 AM when I finally had the courage to let him kiss me. It was so cute!

MC: We met up for coffee, and then he told me he forgot to put in his time sheet at work, so we treked back to campus, then we walked around campus, then we went for a drink at the Highlander and then we walked around for a few hours until 1 am where he missed his final bus. It was more fun than I make it sound haha.

Funny dating story:

VM: I remember watching a movie with my first girlfriend when I was around 15. We were at her house and we decided to make popcorn using an air popper. We filled it up too much, though, and popcorn started flying around the entire room! We called it “When kernels strike back”!

MC: I once had a date with a guy at about 4:30 on a Friday and it was going so poorly that I pretended that I had to go to work at Parliament at 5:00 PM, when literally no one is working at Parliament. Luckily he believed me and I never saw him again.

Most annoying thing about your boyfriend:

VM: I’m not really a huge gamer, but Mike is. Sometimes, he loses himself in the games and it’s hard to get his attention.

MC: Vince is not the most proactive person when it comes to doing the dishes, cleaning, or cooking. Yet, he loves ordering pizza haha.

Most loveable thing about your boyfriend:

VM: He laughs at his own jokes. When he does, he always gets this cheesy grin on his face that’s just the most adorable thing ever.

MC: He has this adorable laugh whenever he gets tickled.

If our relationship was a TV show or movie:

VM: It would definitely be Cam and Mitch from Modern Family. We complement each other well; he reins me in when I get too ambitious, and I feel like I break him out of his shell.

MC: It would be the Iron Lady, with me as a socialist Margaret Thatcher and him as whoever Margaret Thatcher's husband was.

Fun fact about your boyfriend:

VM: He loves music from the 70s and 80s. Sometimes I think he was born in the wrong generation.

MC: Vince is a rather picky eater for someone who eats as much as he does.